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Harald Wegscheidler
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Markus Winkelhofer
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12. August 2017

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Food and Agriculture Organization

of the United Nations

Consultant – Sindh

Drought Management

Advanced university degree in agriculture, natural re-

sources, agriculture economics, economic development policy or related field

Twelve years of relevant experience, take stock of the existing studies/research conducted by different actors in drought stricken regions, estimate and assess the previous losses to human and material impact of the drought situation and overall effect on the different sectors e.g. agriculture, livestock, nutrition, health, livelihood and local economy for preparation of implementation strategies for management and mitigation of drought, conduct participatory assessment to identify coping strategies adopted at households/local communities level to minimise risk of loses from drought to further promote and replicate at local setting

Working knowledge of English

Place: Islamabad, Pakistan

Closing Date: 21. August 2017


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