1,500 Japanese Shoe Pervs Sought By Cops

Police in Japan are searching for more than 1,500 perverts who purchased shoe cameras used for filming up women's skirts before they were made illegal. The names were obtained from an online store that sold the illegal devices and police have urged buyers to hand them in for destruction before they are caught... weiter

Bloody End To Friendship

A Chinese man covered horrified drinkers in his local village bar with blood after he had his throat cut during a row with a friend over a 20 GBP debt. Police said that Yang Kao, 35, had been chopped in the throat by a meat cleaver and had leaped up from his chair and ran out of the bar, covering other drinkers in his blood and also covering the... weiter

Shock Moment Lift Crushes Student

A horrific video that shows a malfunctioning lift shooting up and crushing a young student as he steps inside has gone viral in China. The video footage was shot on a surveillance camera fixed inside the malfunctioning lift at Huaqiao University, in the city of Xiamen in south-east China's Fujian Province... weiter

Military Students Show A Lot Of Bottle

These Chinese military cadets showed they have a lot of bottle after being ordered to march and stand to attention - with half filled bottles of water on their heads. And although it may look comical, military chiefs say there is no better way to make sure the students march in an orderly manner and stand to attention properly without fidgeting... weiter

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20. 9. 2014: Symmetrie in Blau: die japanischen Synchronschwimmerinnen Inui and Risako Mitsui bei den 17. Asienspielen im südkoreanischen Inchon.

Bildungsministerin Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek besuchte eine Stunde lang die verschiedenen Institutionen, die auf dem IKG-Campus im Wiener Prater, unter einem Dachgeführt werden: Krippe, Kindergarten, Volksschule, Wiener Mittelschule, AHS. Die Trophäe des 2014 Ig Nobelpreis bei der Verleihung in der Harvard Universität am 18. September.

Der Befürworter für einen Verbleib bei Großbritannien Alistair Darling freut sich über das Ergebnis. In Florenz. © Clet Abraham