Streets musicians can be seen up and down the cobblestone side streets of Lvov. - © Wiener Zeitung, Jonathan Bach

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Glock Receives Austrian Award At Birthday Party

Austrian gun maker Gaston Glock has celebrated his 85th birthday with a huge ceremony in which the charitable work of himself and his wife Kathrin was honoured with a top Austrian award, and confirmation that this year two streets and a business park are to be named after him. The gunmaker who lives on a huge estate in the southern Austrian... weiter

Mother Refuses To Let Go Of Baby Killed In Road Accident

Young mum Zeng Ling, 24, had to be given tranquillisers to separate her from her dead child after her baby fell off her scooter and was killed. The tragic accident happened in the city of Changsha in south China's Hunan province when the woman put her one-year-old daughter on the back of her electric bike to go shopping... weiter

Parents Asked To Identify Children In Paedophile Teachers Videos

Parents in Romania have had to go through counselling after agreeing to look at sick videos made by a pervert who used his fame as a star on the "The Voice of Romania" in order to gain access to girls as young as six who he then took advantage of. Lucian Darie, a music teacher from Piatra Neamt, a city in north-eastern Romania... weiter

Turkish Winter Tourism Complex Collapses

This video shows the spectacular moment when a supposedly state-of-the-art ski jump area in Turkey collapsed into a ruin after builders apparently made major errors during the construction work. Prosecutors confirmed this week that investigators including engineers as well as a geologists were on the site and found evidence of negligence and basic... weiter

Greek Driver Turns Broken Lada Into Travelling Sauna

A Greek man whose friends joked that in the hot summer months driving with him in his Russian Lada was like travelling in a sauna decided to turn the tables by turning the interior of the car into a real sauna. Giorgos Papadopoulos, 45, said that the car never had air conditioning and the air which the vents was supposed to blow into the car had... weiter

Michael Schumacher Family In Talks With Micro Chip Docs

Injured Formula One driver Michael Schumacher is to get a microchip implanted into his brain that will help him on the road to recovery, according to Croatian media. The pioneering work by Croatian neurosurgeons has already shown remarkable results and they have now reportedly been invited to try and help the German Formula 1 ace... weiter

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Ein Mikroskop im Labor. Der Blick hinter die Kulissen der Brustkrebsforschung von Josef Penninger.

20140718mh7 22.07.2014 - Newcastle United-Kapitän Fabricio Coloccini trägt vor dem Spiel gegen Sydney FC in Dunedin, Neuseeland, Blumen, als Zeichen der Anteilnahme am Tod des Newcastle-Fans, der beim Abschuss der MH17 ums Leben kam,  auf das Spielfeld.

Müde? Dann geht es Ihnen wie der "lebendigen" Skultpur von Claude Pontis, zu sehen in Nantes in der Ausstellung <a href="" target="_blank"> "Le Voyage à Nantes"</a>. Ein Foto, das im Laufe der Zeit an Bedeutung gewonnen hat. Die deutsche Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel und ihr Smartphone. Vor der NSA-Spionagekrise noch ein Randthema nun topaktuell. Angela Merkel feiert am 17. 7. ihren 60. Geburtstag.