Exploring photography and art through 1960s cult film Blow-Up

Vienna's Albertina is putting on an photography exhibition featuring stills from the cult sixties photography film Blow-Up by Michelangelo Antonioni. The film about photography, sex, culture and murder in the swinging sixties, Blow-Up's iconic visuals means it is heralded as an important film for both the history of photography and art... weiter

Turtle flies from Vienna to India to try his luck with the ladies

An endangered turtle from Schoenbrunn Zoo is taking a trip across the world to try his luck out with two female turtles in India. The two female Northern River Terrapin's (otherwise known as Batagur Baska) have been on the search for a breeding mate for nearly a 18 months now and employees at the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust near Chennai are hoping... weiter

Nuns invite young women to get a taste of Abbey life

In a bid to revive their Austrian abbey that doubles up as a health resort, a group of nuns are inviting young women to come and stay with them to get a taste of nun life. With many of the nuns living at Marienkron near Neusiedler Lake on the Hungarian border at pensioner age, it is hoped that the initiative to attract new nuns will help to keep... weiter

Austrian women earning over fifth less than men

Austrian women are earning on average 23.4 percent less than men in the country, according to Statistik Austria. Many women in Austria only have part time jobs but often also bear responsibility for unpaid jobs such as childcare and domestic housework. "This is very traditional in Austria - that women do unpaid jobs and men concentrate on paid jobs... weiter

Jetflyers Take The Jet Ski Onto The Road

An Austrian company is making waves after they came up with the idea of taking a jet ski - and fitting it with wheels. The company that took the jet ski out of the water and put it on the road as an electric vehicle capable of going 50 miles on a single charge say that after unveiling the idea they were flooded with requests - and are now working... weiter

Austria Accused Of Ignoring Giant Nazi Swastika

A huge swastika that has scarred the walls of an Austrian castle for the past 80 years is still on view despite breaching strict postwar rules banning all Nazi symbols. Austrian officials stand accused of prevarication over the massive swastika that was painted on the side of Hochkraig Castle in the state of Carinthia in 1934... weiter

 - © V. Vilkrée

In need of filters - living with Asperger syndrome

  • Some thoughts of a recently diagnosed autistic

It generally starts with a feeling of becoming "out of tune". Sounds, smells, visual information rise up and mix in a suffocating chaos. Something like poison in the blood spreads in the whole body. Tingles make their way through my arms, heavy like lead. And the curtain closes down. If I’m still conscious... weiter

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  4. Austrian women earning over fifth less than men
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16.04.2014: Die Statue Imperia in Konstanz am Bodensee (Baden-Württemberg). Sie erinnert satirisch an das Konzil von Konstanz (1414-1418). Das Konstanzer Konzil jährt sich zum 600. Mal - dieses Jubiläum wird von Ende April an ganze fünf Jahre lang in der Stadt am Bodensee gefeiert.

Eine Fähre mit 459 Menschen an Bord ist vor der Küste Südkoreas gesunken. Der Konflikt zwischen Russland und der Ukraine spitzt sich erneut zu. Hier eine Barrikade der pro-russische Seperatisten vor dem Parlament in Slovyansk.

Die Sozialdemokratische Partei Europas (SPE), der auch die SPÖ angehört, kürte ihren Spitzenkandidaten am 1. März in Rom:
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Martin Schulz</span>: Der 58-jährige Deutsche gilt als wortgewandt, streitlustig, ehrgeizig. 2004 übernahm der gelernte Buchhändler den Fraktionsvorsitz der Sozialisten, 2012 wurde er Präsident des Europaparlaments. Schulz ist verheiratet und hat zwei Kinder. Migranten, die ihre Flucht aus Honduras mit dem Verlust von Extremitäten bezahlten. Den Zug, mit dem sie in die USA gelangen, bezeichnen sie als "La Bestia" (Die Bestie), da es hier oft zu bestialisichen Übergriffen an Einwanderern kommt.