Upset Granny Fans Storm Stage Of Russian Rocker

Fans furious that Russian rocker Vladimir Kuzmin appeared so intoxicated that he could barely stand or play his guitar at a Moscow gig stormed the stage to take the instrument off him. Kuzmin, 59, played two songs at his gig in the Russian capital before audience members climbed up on to the stage to demand an explanation from the star as to why he... weiter

Pretty Teen Aged 15 Mutilated By Jealous Rivals

A teenage girl was left disfigured after two older girls decided to slash her with knives because she was too attractive and got all the attention in their Argentinian hometown. Julia Alvarez, 15, had been to visit friends and was walking home when she was approached by the two sisters who started hitting her and kicked and punched her to the... weiter

Nursery Teacher Beat Kid To Get Revenge On Mum

A Chinese nursery school teacher is under investigation after she was seen forcing a kid to walk around the school barefoot, slapping him and refusing to give him any dinner because she'd had a row with the child's mother. The teacher Hu Ju Ting, 26, was caught on a secret surveillance camera set up at the nursery in Kaifeng County in central China... weiter

Hitler Pussy Catnapped Fears

A famous German cat known as the Hitler cat locally has apparently been catnapped after it vanished from its owner's home in the eastern German city of Dresden. The black-and-white moggy that has a black patch looking just like a Hitler moustache under its nose was a local celebrity in the Buehlau district of Dresden where he is actually a she... weiter

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  1. Pretty Teen Aged 15 Mutilated By Jealous Rivals
  2. Hitler Pussy Catnapped Fears
  3. Nursery Teacher Beat Kid To Get Revenge On Mum
  4. Upset Granny Fans Storm Stage Of Russian Rocker


Der US-Konzern Microsoft möchte wieder an den Glanz vergangener Zeiten anschließen. Ein wesentlicher Schritt dorthin - ein Betriebssystem, das die AnwenderInnen auch gerne nutzen wollen. "Windows X" soll die Antwort darauf sein.

1.10.2014: Südkoreas Armee feiert den 66. Jahrestag der "bewaffneten Streitkräfte" bei den Gyeryong Militärquartier in Gyeryong, Südkorea.  In der ehemaligen Zollamtsschule in Erdberg kamen am Montag am frühen Abend die ersten Flüchtlinge an um in das als Übergangsquartier gedachte Gebäude einzuziehen.

Das frisch vermählte Paar am Sonntag. Die Regierung traf sich zur Klausur in Schladming. Der Empfang war herzlich, die Mienen noch etwas steif.