Vienna prosecutors target Ukrainian former government

Austrian officials have announced they are coordinating with Ukraine's public prosecutors over the investigation of former Ukrainian government officials accused of money-laundering and sanctions violations. Responding to a question asked by the liberal NEOS party in parliament, the Justice Ministry in Austria said it has asked the Ukrainian public... weiter

Former footballers charged over match-fixing

Austrian prosecutors have charged former footballer Dominique Taboga over allegations of match-fixing, nearly five months after his connection to the scandal was exposed. The prosecutors in Graz also said on Monday that they had charged a second former footballer, Sanel Kuljic and "several others". Taboga used to play for Salzburg based SV Grödig... weiter

Ricky Martin to perform at Life Ball 2014

In a celebrating of joys of life, sensuousness and a tribute to handsomeness, the Life Ball 2014 has announced that the Latino star Ricky Martin, chosen many times over as Sexiest Man Alive, will perform at the event. For many years Ricky Martin has been active under the auspices of the red ribbon. Speaking about his invitation to perform at the... weiter

Pony And Trapped After Too Much Fresh Grass

A roly-poly pony lost its balance on an Alpine slope due to its calorie-overloaded body. The pony plunged downhill and only came to a stop when its head got stuck in a pile of logs in a farmhouse yard in Mieming, in the western Austrian state of Tyrol. Stefan Maier, 39, who bought the animal as a pet for his daughter... weiter

What is on at Haydn Kino this week? (17 April - 23 April)

By Kostyantyn Steblovskyy The following films are on at the English language cinema Haydn Kino on Mariahilfestrasse between 17 April and 23 April: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (3D): A superhero film featuring the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man, directed by Marc Webb and released by Columbia Pictures... weiter

Two teenage girls go missing as they fly from Austria to fight in Syria

Two teenager girls who say they have left Austria to fight in Syria have trigged an international search operation from the Austrian police. The two - a 15-year-old and a 16-year-old - left identical letters behind telling their families goodbye and that "we will meet in in Paradise". The letters told of their plans to go to Syria to "fight for... weiter

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In need of filters - living with Asperger syndrome

  • Some thoughts of a recently diagnosed autistic

It generally starts with a feeling of becoming "out of tune". Sounds, smells, visual information rise up and mix in a suffocating chaos. Something like poison in the blood spreads in the whole body. Tingles make their way through my arms, heavy like lead. And the curtain closes down. If I’m still conscious... weiter

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  3. Ricky Martin to perform at Life Ball 2014
  4. In need of filters - living with Asperger syndrome
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Migranten, die ihre Flucht aus Honduras mit dem Verlust von Extremitäten bezahlten. Den Zug, mit dem sie in die USA gelangen, bezeichnen sie als "La Bestia" (Die Bestie), da es hier oft zu bestialisichen Übergriffen an Einwanderern kommt.

World Design Capital 2014: Nach Helsinki (2012) darf sich nun Kapstadt mit diesem Titel schmücken. Ziel dieser Hauptstädte ist, Design als Mittel der sozialen, kulturellen und wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung zu forcieren. (Im Bild: eine farbenfrohe Holztüre) Link: <a href="" target="_blank">World Design Capital 2014 </a> 15.04.2014 - Eine Mondfinsternis erlebte man heute Nacht in Buenos Aires, Argentinien. Das Ergebnis ein bernsteingoldener Erdtrabant.

Mitglieder des Seva Dal warten auf die Ankunft von Sonia Gandhi, Präsidentin des All India Congress Committee (AICC). Von 1,2 Milliarden Menschen in Indien sind 814 Millionen wahlberechtigt und dürfen bei der Parlamentswahl 2014 abstimmen, wer einen Platz in der <span id="">Lok Sabha bekommt. Es ist eine gigantische logistische Herausforderung, die in den kommenden fünf Wochen auf die Organisatoren zukommt. </span>Deshalb wurden rechtzeitig - schon vor einem Jahr - die Wahllisten auf den neuesten Stand gebracht.