Czech firm in the proverbial over dung parcel terror alert in Austria

A Czech mail order company that sends elephant poo around the EU could be faced with a hefty bill after a package of dung sparked a terror alert at an Austrian town hall. The Czech website offers people "joy by giving others shit", and users who sign up can fill in the name and the address of the person they want to receive an... weiter

Model helicopter chops up owner

Austrian model aircraft enthusiast Uwe E., 50, is in intensive care after he tried to catch his expensive model helicopter when it suddenly dropped out of the sky in the town of Krenglbach in Upper Austria, and he was badly chopped up by the rotor blades. Eyewitnesses said the amateur pilot had apparently lost control of the helicopter... weiter

Gazprom to explore expanding pipeline in Austria

Russia could soon begin constructing their South Stream gas pipeline in Austria after meetings were held this week with Gazprom. The Russian gas giant met in Vienna with Austrian partners on Tuesday, after which the company announced that they had agreed on a way forward to explore pipeline construction in Austria... weiter

Poacher in Vienna shoots five deer with bow and arrow

A poacher is suspected to have killed five animals in Vienna using a bow and arrow, a hunting weapon that is forbidden throughout Austria. Authorities and hunting groups are alarmed at the rise in illegal hunting in the area, which they suspect is being carried out "for fun". In the space of a year, it is believed that five deer have been killed in... weiter

Faymann warns against further Russia sanctions

Chancellor Werner Faymann has spoken out in support of moving away from additional sanctions on Russia. Speaking to press in Vienna this week, Faymann (SPOe) said he supports "100 percent" the position of the German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier that further sanctions would make the situation worse between Russia and Ukraine... weiter

What is on at Haydn Kino this week? (24 April - 30 April)

By Kostyantyn Steblovskyy The following films are on at the English language cinema Haydn Kino on Mariahilfestrasse between 24 April and 30 April: The Lego Movie (3D): A computer animated adventure comedy film directed and co-written by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, and starring the voices of Chris Pratt... weiter

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  1. Faymann warns against further Russia sanctions
  2. Gazprom to explore expanding pipeline in Austria
  3. What is on at Haydn Kino this week? (24 April - 30 April)
  4. Poacher in Vienna shoots five deer with bow and arrow
  5. Model helicopter chops up owner


"Ein tiefer Fall führt oft zu höherm Glück." ("Cymbeline", vierter Akt, zweite Szene)

Die Grünen, die sich auch als Antikorruptionspartei positionieren, enthüllen ihre Plakate - einmal gegen krumme Geschäfte ... Francesca Woodman, Untitled, Rome, Italy, 1977–1978/2006
Schwarz-Weiß-Silbergelatineabzug auf Barytpapier.

23.4.2014 - Einsatzkräfte sorgen mit Wasserwerfern und körperlichem Einsatz für Ruhe und Ordnung bei einer Demonstration gegen den Besuch von US-Präsidenten Barack Obama vor der US-Botschaft in Manila. Mal Ungeheuer, mal erotischer Verführer. Vampire und Vampirinnen haben viele Gesichter.