Raging Torrent Devastates Serbian Village

Any doubters of the deadly danger posed by flooding only need to take a look at this video which shows how water cascading through a Serbian village was capable of tearing away everything in its path. Trees, the wooden remains of houses and even cars were swept away in the incredible violence of the flash flood... weiter

Baby Girl Pulled Alive From Toilet

This is the incredible image that shows a newborn baby girl wedged inside the pipe from a university toilet after her student mother gave birth and then fled leaving the child behind. Police believe that the young woman had hoped to hide the pregnancy but because the toilet had no water filled U-bend... weiter

Swedish Co-op In Trouble Over Nazi Receipt

A Co-op supermarket store in Sweden has promised a full enquiry after one of their staff wrote "don't come back, Sieg Heil" on the automatic till receipt handed to a customer. The Nazi greeting even had a price - 8.25 Swedish krone (70 pence) - which was included in the 12.10 krone (1,20 GBP) total the woman was asked to pay... weiter

Cat Survives Shocking Tumble Dryer Experience

Two young Russian women and a man have been reported to police after they put a cat in a tumble dryer and videoed themselves laughing as it was spun around at high speed. The shocking video shows the three of them apparently in the bathroom of their home in the town of Bezhetsk in western Russia's Bezhetsky District in the Tver Oblast region... weiter

Farmer Plays Fair Over F-Owl Attack

A flock of more than 500 chickens were literally scared to death when a giant eagle owl stormed their coop in eastern China. The huge bird of prey - which can have a nearly six foot wingspan - crash landed inside the enclosure in Jing County in eastern China's Anhui Province, provoking panic among the poultry birds... weiter

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  1. Swedish Co-op In Trouble Over Nazi Receipt
  2. Baby Girl Pulled Alive From Toilet
  3. Raging Torrent Devastates Serbian Village
  4. Cat Survives Shocking Tumble Dryer Experience
  5. Farmer Plays Fair Over F-Owl Attack


Am Donnerstag Morgen begann das Referendum über die Unabhängigkeit Schottlands.

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Der Goethehof ist eine Ikone unter den Gemeindebauten der Stadt. Doch dem Prestigeprojekt des "roten Wiens" fällt mittlerweile der Putz ab - ietzt wird renoviert. Ein Lokalaugenschein. "Big Bambu: 5,000 Arms to Hold You" im Israel Museum in Jerusalem  von Doug und Mike Starn besteht aus 10.000 Bambusästen und bedecken eine Fläche von rund 700 m2.