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Tens of thousands of Glock pistols on black market

Austrian made weapons unaccounted for in Iraq

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  • US failed to get serial numbers.
  • Vienna/Baghdad. Its been reported that thousands of Austrian made pistols may be circulating on the black market in Iraq. US officials have, in recent months, been investigating the disappearance of tens of thousands of weapons which were meant to go to Iraqi security forces. The AFP news agency says over half of all weapons that were supposed to go to the Iraqi police and army have gone astray. That amounts to around 190,000 weapons over the last three years, among them around 80,000 pistols, mainly made by the Austrian firm Glock.

Police and army officers who leave the service often sell their weapons to get money to live on. There are reports that a Glock pistol sells for about $1000 on the black market.

The US Inspector General for reconstruction in Iraq, Stuart Bowen, says that only about 2.7 percent of the serial numbers of weapons in Iraq have been registered. The Pentagon estimates that at the present time 125,163 Iraqi police personnel have Glock weapons.

Glock was founded in 1963 and is located in Deutsch-Wagram, a town near Vienna. It initially manufactured curtain rods. The first Glock pistol was adopted as a sidearm by the Austrian army in 1982. It is used by military agencies around the world.

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