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great-power rivals

How to deter Russia and China

Washington - The fight against the Islamic State may get the headlines. But it's the military threats from Russia and China that most worry top Pentagon officials - and are driving a new arms race to deter these great-power rivals. This question of how to deal with Russian and Chinese military advances has gotten almost no attention in the 2016... weiter

Donald Trump

What does the foreign policy elite do in a time of anti-elitism?

Aspen, Colo. - For 32 years, a group of Republican and Democratic foreign-policy experts has gathered here each summer to debate strategic issues facing the country. This year the bipartisan group had a strange imbalance: None of the Republicans was prepared to argue the case of the GOP nominee, Donald Trump... weiter

Russian intelligence agencies

Let the geeks watch over the internet

Washington - As Russian intelligence agencies escalate their use of the U.S.-created internet as a tool of political sabotage, it's haunting to recall the famous communist dictum: "The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them." Against this menacing background, the subject of internet governance - long an arcane topic of... weiter

South China Sea

Can a rebuked China manage its anger?

Washington - China suffered a significant setback this month in its bid for dominance in the South China Sea, and its leaders are following a familiar script after such reversals: They're making angry statements but taking little action while they assess the situation. The U.S. is playing a characteristic role in such a flare-up, too... weiter

Jabhat al-Nusra

Syria's other jihadi menace

Washington - As the U.S.-led coalition has begun to gain ground against the Islamic State in Syria, officials have begun focusing attention on another jihadi group they fear may pose a more dangerous long-run threat there, the al-Qaeda affiliate known as Jabhat al-Nusra. Jabhat al-Nusra has played a clever waiting game over the last four years... weiter

Stronger and greener

Navy builds strength by saving energy

Washington - The week of July 4th is a good moment to salute an unlikely champion of saving energy and switching to alternative fuels - the U.S. Navy. Once a supreme fuel-guzzler whose energy needs sometimes dictated foreign policy, the Navy has become a model for how the country can curb its appetite for fossil fuels... weiter

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