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Jabhat al-Nusra

Syria's other jihadi menace

Washington - As the U.S.-led coalition has begun to gain ground against the Islamic State in Syria, officials have begun focusing attention on another jihadi group they fear may pose a more dangerous long-run threat there, the al-Qaeda affiliate known as Jabhat al-Nusra. Jabhat al-Nusra has played a clever waiting game over the last four years... weiter

Stronger and greener

Navy builds strength by saving energy

Washington - The week of July 4th is a good moment to salute an unlikely champion of saving energy and switching to alternative fuels - the U.S. Navy. Once a supreme fuel-guzzler whose energy needs sometimes dictated foreign policy, the Navy has become a model for how the country can curb its appetite for fossil fuels... weiter

Political battle

A brash bull in the House of Saud

Washington - The tensions festering in the Saudi royal family became clear in September, when Joseph Westphal, the U.S. ambassador to Riyadh, flew to Jeddah to meet Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, nominally the heir to the throne. But when he arrived, he was told that the deputy crown prince, a brash 30-year-old named Mohammed bin Salman... weiter

Donald Trump

Trump's Islamophobia propels the Islamic State

Washington - Even by Donald Trump's standards, his comments about the Orlando shooting have been reckless and self-serving. They are also dangerous for the country. Trump's response to Sunday morning's terrorist attack by Omar Mateen was initially an opportunistic tweet; then a boasting statement on his website: "I said this was going to happen";... weiter

Iran nuclear deal

The Omani back channel to Iran

Washington - One of the mysteries of Campaign 2016 is why the Iran nuclear deal has vanished as an issue. But a new book reveals some startling details about how the diplomacy with Tehran began in secret, long before reformers took power there, and the crucial role played by presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton... weiter

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  1. "We’re fortunate I’m a multi-billionaire"