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same-sex marriage

A modern version of 'massive resistance'?1

Washington - After the Supreme Court's historic 1954 ruling in Brown v. Board of Education, Southern politicians adopted a strategy that became known as "massive resistance." It doomed the South to a losing battle not just against the court, but a majority of Americans. Some GOP conservatives may be on the verge of making a similar mistake in the... weiter

Jeh Johnson

The point man against cyberattacks2

Washington - In November 2012, Jeh Johnson, who was then the Pentagon's general counsel, let himself speculate in a speech about al-Qaeda, "How will this conflict end?" He foresaw a "tipping point" at which U.S. officials might be able to say that the group had been "effectively destroyed." That was then... weiter

US-foreign policy

Distracted by trivia while Libya burned

Washington - Secretaries of state have had private contacts since the job was created, so it's a mistake to get too indignant about Hillary Clinton's email exchanges about Libya with her longtime friend, Sidney Blumenthal. Still, these messages offer some useful insights about the court politics of Washington... weiter

Islamic State

A big setback in Ramadi

Washington - The capture of Ramadi last weekend by Islamic State fighters is a significant setback for U.S. strategy in Iraq and shows that, nearly a year after the extremists overran Mosul, the U.S. still doesn't have a viable plan for protecting the country's Sunni areas. The collapse of the Iraqi army in Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province... weiter

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