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Book review: Leon Panetta's "Worthy Fights"

Washington - Maybe President Obama should have asked his Cabinet secretaries to sign book-royalty agreements when they took their oaths of office, so he could share in the spoils. Too late now: Here's Leon Panetta, former defense secretary and CIA director, publishing the third memoir by a top foreign policy official while Obama is still in office... weiter

Obama's current team

Is a talent infusion in the works?

Washington - Presidents often need new energy and talent to refurbish their second terms. George W. Bush opted for such a shake-up in 2006 and it arguably saved his presidency. Barack Obama is now facing a similar moment, and there are signs he's looking to make some personnel changes after the November congressional elections... weiter

Islamic State

The challenge inside Syria1

Reyhanli, Turkey - As Syrian rebel commander Hamza al-Shamali describes the battle inside Syria, a few miles across the border, the immediate problem isn't defeating the Islamic State. It's coordinating the ragtag brigades of the Free Syrian Army into a coherent force that can fill the vacuum once the extremists are driven out... weiter

National Security

U.S. boots already on the ground

Washington - Here's a national-security riddle: How can President Obama provide limited military support on the ground to help "degrade and ultimately destroy" the Islamic State without formally violating his pledge not to send U.S. combat troops? The answer may lie in the legal alchemy known as "Title 50." Title 50 of the U.S... weiter


Stepping warily onto the battlefield

Washington - For President Obama, this is gut-check time on Iraq. He is moving the nation back onto a pitiless battlefield, with a war plan that is long on good intentions and short on clarity about the ultimate mission. It's a wrenching moment: A president who for several years seemed allergic to American involvement in the Iraqi and Syrian wars... weiter

State Department's Foreign Service

Confirm the ambassadors

Washington - Talk about America's decline is usually wrong. But how else would you describe a country that, in a world of exploding tensions, is unable to confirm dozens of ambassadors to foreign posts because of partisan political squabbling? Even by Washington standards, the Senate Republicans have hit a new low for hypocrisy... weiter

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Beim Erdrutsch Anfang Mai in der Provinz Badachschan wurden 2.000 Menschen getötet, rund 700 Familien verloren ihre Bleibe und leben nun in Zeltstädten. Die Sonne scheint immer seltener, langsam wird es kalt.

Die Arbeiten von Banksy beschäftigen sich immer wieder mit aktuellen, sozialkritischen Themen. Hier bezieht er den öffentlichen Raum in das Bild mit ein. 20.10.2014: Ein Flugzeug der Lufthansa landet am 20.10.2014 am Flughafen in Frankfurt am Main. Ab 13.00 Uhr legen die Piloten die Arbeit allerdings für 35 Stunden nieder.

Blick aus dem Louis Vuitton Foundation Kunst-und Kulturzentrum, das mitten im Pariser Bois de Boulogne errichtet wurde. Eröffnet wird der Komplex des Luxusgüterkonzerns am 27. Oktober, er hat eine Fläche von 11.700 Quadratmetern und besteht aus insgesamt elf Galerien. Link:
Link: <a href="" target="_blank"> Louis Vuitton Foundation </a> Aktstudie, 1882/83, Musée Toulouse-Lautrec, Albi