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War Crime

Dangers still lurk in South Asia

Washington - Last weekend's deadly attack on an international hospital in Afghanistan was a reminder of the terrible war that grinds on there, with Afghan civilians caught in the crossfire. Doctors Without Borders, a globally respected group, has charged that the deaths of 22 patients and staff members at its hospital in Kunduz was a "war crime... weiter


Iran deal is a huge win for Obama

Washington - The political circus surrounding the Iran nuclear deal shouldn't obscure the fact that President Obama won an enormous victory in negotiating the agreement and mustering the necessary congressional votes to sustain it. It's the most determined, strategic success of his presidency. Republican presidential candidates have denounced the... weiter

Saudi Arabia

The son who would be king?

Washington - President Obama's meeting last Friday with Saudi Arabia's King Salman came as U.S. officials are anxiously watching a potential succession rivalry between the king's ambitious young son and the crown prince who is a longtime intelligence partner of the U.S. Salman, 79, was accompanied in his meeting at the White House by his son... weiter


Our stake in the future - and the past

Washington - Why should people care about the past or the future? That may sound like a perverse question, but it's at the center of two recent stories - one involving the Islamic State's destruction of antiquities at Palmyra in Syria, and the other a presidential warning about damage to the planet decades hence... weiter


On eve of Xi's U.S. visit, China loses some luster

Washington - When U.S. policymakers began planning Xi Jinping's state visit to Washington next month, they must have imagined that the Chinese president would be arriving, figuratively, in a gleaming aircraft carrier with his trademark "Chinese Dream" banners flying. The challenge then was how to deal with a strong and supremely confident Beijing... weiter

Donald Trump

Trump, an American Putin?2

Washington - He promises to restore his country's greatness, without offering a specific plan. He uses crude, vulgar expressions that make him sound like an ordinary guy, even though he's a billionaire. He's a narcissist who craves media attention. And for all his obvious shortcomings, he's very popular... weiter

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