John Kerry's big blunder

Washington - Secretary of State John Kerry has made a significant mistake in how he's pursuing a Gaza cease-fire - and it's not surprising that he has upset both the Israelis and some moderate Palestinians. Kerry's error has been to put so much emphasis on achieving a quick halt to the bloodshed that he has solidified the role of Hamas... weiter


Rebuilding a spy partnership

Washington - Given recent German indignation about the National Security Agency, it has been easy to overlook the fact that for decades the German government has cooperated extensively with the NSA on surveillance activities. But after a high-level meeting in Berlin this week, this long-standing but veiled cooperation may have a firmer legal and... weiter

U.S. government

Obama's foreign policy shortcomings

Washington - When Attorney General Eric Holder says that the Islamic State that has taken root in Iraq and Syria poses a "deadly" threat, and that he has "extreme, extreme concern" about its bomb-makers, that sounds like an emergency. Yet the Obama administration hasn't settled on a coordinated, aggressive response that might prevent this inferno... weiter

Middle East

Rethinking Wilson's points

Washington - As American policymakers ponder the future shape of the Middle East, they should perhaps recall that the United States was opposed to the 1916 Sykes-Picot agreement, the famous "line in the sand" that is now said to be dissolving. American's opposition back then was based on its rejection of the secret diplomacy between Britain and... weiter


Holder grows in the job

Washington - Setting clear management guidelines may be the least glamorous part of being a Cabinet secretary, but by this measure, Attorney General Eric Holder has succeeded over the past year in communicating his law-enforcement priorities to the Justice Department. When I queried a range of Washington attorneys about Holder's record for a June... weiter

Isis im Irak

Terrorist with gang-leader charisma

Washington - A glimpse of the passionate loyalty inspired by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the insurgent group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, comes in a recent video made by a 20-year-old Muslim recruit from the British city of Cardiff, Wales. "We understand no borders," says the young man, identified as Nasser Muthana... weiter

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Nach heftigen Regenfällen ist es in Salzburg und Niederösterreich zu Überflutungen gekommen. Im Bild ein Fußballfeld in Stuhlfelden, Salzburg.

1700 Polizisten belagerten diesen Eingang: Am Ende des Tages wurden 19 Hausbesetzer abgeführt. Der Hausbesitzer wollte jene Punks vertrieben haben, die er einst selbst geholt hatte, um die Altmieter in dem Haus in Wien-Leopoldstadt loszuwerden. Das Polizeiaufgebot am Einsatzort war mit weit mehr als 1.000 Beamten enorm. Da die Besetzer den Hauseingang massiv verbarrikadiert hatten, gab es für die Exekutive vorerst kaum ein Weiterkommen.

31. 7. 2014: Die Ringerinnen Kathryn Marsh (Schottland) und Babita Kumar (Indien) bei den Commonwealth Games in Glasgow: Ein Tanz mit Muskeln, Kniffen und Schwerkraft. Ko Murobushi unterrichtet beim Impulstanz die japanische Tanzform Butoh.