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Islamic State

A big setback in Ramadi

Washington - The capture of Ramadi last weekend by Islamic State fighters is a significant setback for U.S. strategy in Iraq and shows that, nearly a year after the extremists overran Mosul, the U.S. still doesn't have a viable plan for protecting the country's Sunni areas. The collapse of the Iraqi army in Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province... weiter

Brief aus den USA

A tricky two-step in the Middle East

Washington - President Obama has been trying since his September 2013 address to the United Nations to convince Saudi Arabia and other Gulf allies that the United States is truly committed to their security. So far, he hasn't been very successful, but he'll try again next month at a Camp David summit meeting... weiter

David Ignatius

The transformational nature of the Iran talks

The British diplomat Harold Nicolson observed in 1960 that "a good negotiation takes about as long as it takes an elephant to have a baby." That has been true in the protracted Iran nuclear talks, although in this case, the baby may turn out to be stillborn. Negotiators were still haggling over the framework as they pushed through Tuesday night's... weiter

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