NATO's new perils

Brussels - The NATO alliance seems stuck at a crossroads on Ukraine, unsure whether to move toward greater confrontation with Russia or accept the deadlocked "frozen conflict" that has emerged there. It's a unified morass, at least, with President Obama sharing the reluctance of European leaders to escalate the crisis by providing defensive weapons... weiter

Cold War

Back to the future in Putin's Europe3

Washington - The language of the Cold War has returned with a vengeance, with renewed talk of nuclear alerts, alleged testing of medium-range nuclear missiles and worries about NATO's defense umbrella. President Vladimir Putin's seizure of Crimea just over a year ago has now broadened into what some U.S... weiter


The GOP's dangerous letter to Iran1

Washington - Even by congressional Republican standards, the naysaying letter to Iran sent Monday by 47 GOP senators was grossly irresponsible. Not only did it undercut President Obama's ability to negotiate a diplomatic agreement but it also undermined the aspect of the Iran nuclear deal that would potentially be most beneficial to the United... weiter

Nuclear talks

Netanyahu's zero-sum game

Washington - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lobbied powerfully against a nuclear agreement with Iran in a well-crafted speech to Congress Tuesday. The problem is that he has now created a zero-sum game with the Obama administration, in which either the president or the prime minister seems likely to come out a loser... weiter

Middle East

Iran nuclear talks coming to a head

Washington - Prussian King Frederick the Great offered this rebuke to those who refused to allow any concessions: "If you try to hold everything, you hold nothing." President Obama might make a similar retort to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's attack on the alleged "bad deal" the U.S. is contemplating with Iran... weiter

Arab opposition

Jordan takes the lead

Amman, Jordan - One of the weaknesses of the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State is that America isn’t trusted as a messenger in much of the Arab world. So it is important that Jordan’s King Abdullah II seems ready to play an unusually visible role in organizing Arab opposition to the extremists... weiter

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