Existential crisis for Obama too

Washington - As President Obama looks at the Ukraine crisis, he sees an asymmetry of interests: Simply put, the future of Ukraine means more to Vladimir Putin's Russia than it does to the U.S. or Europe. For Putin, this is an existential crisis; for the West, so far, it isn't - as the limited U.S. and European response has demonstrated... weiter

The former KGB officer

Putin's borrowed playbook

Washington - The West has made NATO's military alliance the heart of its response to Russia's power grab in Ukraine. But we may be fighting the wrong battle: The weapons President Vladimir Putin has used in Crimea and eastern Ukraine look more like paramilitary "covert action" than conventional military force... weiter

CIA interrogation practices

A trust now badly frayed

Washington - It has been an unlikely Washington feud, pitting a determined Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the implacable chairman of the Senate intelligence committee and long regarded as a supporter of the CIA, against the agency's equally stubborn director, John Brennan. The culmination of the battle is near... weiter


Fighting anew for democracy

Brussels - President Obama has spoken once again during the Ukraine crisis about being on the right "side of history." It's one of his signature lines, but he should stop: The phrase implies there's an inevitability to the advance of progress and justice. Would that it were so. What's happening now in Vladimir Putin's Russia is a reminder that... weiter


What we learned in Crimea

Washington - From the photographs we've seen of the Russian special operations, or "Spetsnaz," troops that intervened in Crimea, several things are obvious: They're secretive, moving without insignia and often covering their faces; they're disciplined and they're decisive. The diplomatic response to the Russian intervention is continuing... weiter

John Kerry's "offramp"

On Ukraine, where next?

Washington - It's still possible to imagine a fuzzy, face-saving compromise in Ukraine: Crimea would have a new, quasi-autonomous administrative status blessed by Moscow and Kiev. The problem is that few analysts think Russian President Vladimir Putin will swallow this diplomatic pill. Secretary of State John Kerry will make one more try... weiter

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Die Grünen, die sich auch als Antikorruptionspartei positionieren, enthüllen ihre Plakate - einmal gegen krumme Geschäfte ...

Francesca Woodman, Untitled, Rome, Italy, 1977–1978/2006
Schwarz-Weiß-Silbergelatineabzug auf Barytpapier. 22.04.2014: Chen Qingzu steht inmitten seiner 5.000 Büstenhalter, die er seit 20 Jahren sammelt. Der 56-jährige Chinese hat kein erotisches, sondern ein gesundheitliches Ziel: Er fordert mehr Bewusstsein für Brustkrebs.

Mal Ungeheuer, mal erotischer Verführer. Vampire und Vampirinnen haben viele Gesichter. Auf den Philippinen zeigen die Ultragläubigen, was wirkliches Leid bedeutet. Einige religiöse Fanatiker lassen sich mit diesen zentimeterlangen Nägeln kreuzigen.