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U.S. election

As our Election Day approaches, the world holds its breath

Washington - Making predictions three weeks before the U.S. election is risky, but the likeliest bet right now is that the center will hold in American politics and Hillary Clinton will be elected president. That's important for lots of reasons, the biggest of which is that it could begin to stabilize a very unsettled world... weiter

Bombing campaign

Aleppo on the brink

Washington - "Catastrophic" is the word several U.S. officials use privately to discuss the latest developments in Syria, in which a savage Russian bombing campaign has brought Aleppo near the point of surrender. Yet even as members of the Obama administration acknowledge the horror, they remain wary of options that might counter the onslaught... weiter

Political decisions

At Monday night's debate, Hillary Clinton reassured a fearful world

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Watching Monday night's presidential debate from a country that has been bankrupted by populist economic ideas was instructive: Argentina's experience shows that good countries can make very bad political decisions that have lasting costs. Visiting here with Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew was also a reminder of how intently... weiter


As the world order unravels, Obama offers the right ideas for restoration

Washington - What a moment for President Obama to deliver his valedictory address to the U.N. Tuesday - defending the liberal international order at a time when it's under severe stress around the world. Obama's speech was preceded by some sickening reminders of how global security is fraying: The day before, a Syrian, or perhaps Russian... weiter


Why Trump's dealmaking could be dangerous1

Washington - Consider two quotations, the first engraved in modern history and the other less than a week old, and ask yourself what they have in common: "This morning I had another talk with the German Chancellor, Herr Hitler, and here is the paper which bears his name upon it as well as mine. ... I believe it is peace for our time... weiter

governing strategy

Clinton should embrace her experience

Washington - Despite Hillary Clinton's recent slip in the polls, she has a big political opportunity, even though some of her advisers might regard it as a curse: She can run as the candidate who represents the "mainstream" leadership of both parties and knows how to fix our broken political system. In a year when anti-elitism has been a dominant... weiter

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