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Greek financial crisis

Allow Greece a gentle exit

Washington - The Greek financial crisis has eased - for now. But many skeptics share the worry of German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble that the bailout plan may not work, and that the only way to restore competitiveness and growth is a Greek exit from the euro. Schauble was blasted as a heartless German for insisting... weiter


The Islamic State's orgy of brutality

Washington - Reporting about the Islamic State inevitably means watching their videos, but that's not something I would wish on anyone. The group has created a public theater of death on the Internet - beheading people, drowning them, burning them, breaking their bones. This extreme brutality is part of the Islamic State's brand... weiter

same-sex marriage

A modern version of 'massive resistance'?1

Washington - After the Supreme Court's historic 1954 ruling in Brown v. Board of Education, Southern politicians adopted a strategy that became known as "massive resistance." It doomed the South to a losing battle not just against the court, but a majority of Americans. Some GOP conservatives may be on the verge of making a similar mistake in the... weiter

Jeh Johnson

The point man against cyberattacks2

Washington - In November 2012, Jeh Johnson, who was then the Pentagon's general counsel, let himself speculate in a speech about al-Qaeda, "How will this conflict end?" He foresaw a "tipping point" at which U.S. officials might be able to say that the group had been "effectively destroyed." That was then... weiter

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