• 13. Dezember 2017

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The inclusive society

There are two critically important forces shaping the world today: the revolution in information and biotechnology, and the growing momentum of globalisation. Both carry immense potential for good, but, they also carry risks. Between them, they can help to transform the lives of millions. But they will not do so just because we want it to happen... weiter


Advances and setbacks

The past fifteen years have seen both promising advances and alarming setbacks for women's economic empowerment and gender equality. On the promising side, there was a significant rise in women's share of seats in parliaments in countries that have taken positive actions to ensure that this occurs... weiter


Self-Conferred Legitimacy

If human betterment were the object of globalisation, its instigators would have to admit it has been a colossal failure. Market forces and unelected international bureaucracies have been allowed to dictate the rules, with consequences that are evident all around us... weiter


Keine Angst vor Globalisierung

Bei Gastvorträgen in Europa wird man als Wirtschaftswissenschafter zwangsläufig zum Thema Globalisierung befragt. Dabei fallen im Gegensatz zu den USA zwei Dinge auf: Erstens ist der Begriff in der Alten Welt beinahe ausschließlich negativ besetzt und zweitens stellt sich jeder darunter etwas anderes vor... weiter


Life After Capitalism

Few could have predicted that the most telling and effective critics of post-Cold War capitalism are emerging from the ranks of its own elite. In the past few years, titans of global finance like philanthropist and currency trader George Soros, and Claus Schwab and Claude Smadja, founder and director of the annual World Economic Forum in Davos... weiter


Excessive Interdependence

Computerisation and globalisation that permeated every dimension of economic life over the past decade, have driven us to an unprecedented and largely unexamined dependence on one another · and on the electronic synapsis that forms our global nervous system... weiter


Supportive Environment

The most significant development since the end of the Cold War has been the progressive extension of the concept of democracy, and market economy, throughout the world. Globalisation, however, has eroded the power of the state · sometimes to the point of undermining national sovereignty · and democracy at the national level now cannot be sustained... weiter


Alltag der Weltgesellschaft

Man hört nun immer heftigere Kritik an Firmen, die im Ausland investieren, wo die Lohnkosten geringer sind: Vor allem seit der Gruselschocker "Globalisierungsfalle" der Diskussion ein neues Schlagwort geliefert hat. Man hört diese Kritik immer häufiger, genauso in den Beisln der österreichischen Vorstädte wie an den Stränden der Traumgefilde... weiter

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