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International Monetary Fund


Director - CSFAI

The successful candidate will have a university degree

Extensive proven and broad-based experience in client engagement, outreach and customer service preferably in areas of CSF operations, with a strong sense of judgment, corporate spirit and a collaborative work style, broad knowledge of progressive management practices and the IMFs operations, which will provide an under-standing of the types of issues that affect CSFs operations at a strategic and tactical level, strong leadership, analytical, problem-solving, communication, negotiation and managerial abilities, including organization, project management and people management skills, are required, extensive work experience in the planning, evaluation, development and implementation of a large-scale range of projects, outreach and communications as well as advanced skills in outsourcing, quality control and performance metrics are highly desirable

Strong oral and written communication skills in English

Place: Washington, USA

Closing Date: 19. January 2017


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