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International Monetary Fund

2017 Fund Internship Program

Have an excellent command of English, written and oral

Possess strong analytical, quantitative and computer skills, impact of commodity price shocks on financial stability in developing countries, explore possible non-linear effects of oil price shocks on growth (the case of Kazakhstan, spillover effects of the ECB unconventional monetary policies, systemic risk amplifiers for stress testing based on inferred networks, debt sustainability, capacity to repay and other risk assessment, productivity and volatility in Europe/Euro area, macroeconomic and structural policies and gender inequality, under the guidance of an experienced colleague, the IMF intern conducts research and analysis and prepares a paper on a topic of interest to the Fund (successful papers may be presented and/or published internally), cover a broad range of economics issues which differ from year-to-year according to the work program and priorities of the department where the intern is appointed

Have an excellent command of English, written and oral

Place: Washington, USA

Closing Date: 16. January 2017


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