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Harald Wegscheidler
+43 (0)1 206 99-261

Markus Winkelhofer
+43 (0)1 206 99-224


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21. April 2017

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Asian Development Bank

Associate Budget and

Institutional Coordination

Bachelors degree in accounting, business administrati-

on or management or related fields

At least six years of relevant professional experience, in particular, focal for the Time Management System (TMS) which supports the workload and workforce analysis, in this regard, provides analysis of compliance, update and design of the TMS (automation system) to align with program categories of the workload and workforce analysis and helps identify issues and solutions, where appropriate, to properly capture/process staff time data for the budget formulation, verifies that approved positions under the annual Budget are recorded in HRMS according to the approved staffing proposal, contributes to special projects and studies

Excellent oral and written communication skills in English

Place: Manila, Philippines

Closing Date: 4. May 2017


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