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Harald Wegscheidler
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Markus Winkelhofer
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21. April 2017

Internationale Jobs

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Asian Development Bank

Counsel (Institutional and

Administrative Law)

Masters degree or equivalent, in Law, preferably at post-

graduate level and admission as a lawyer in one or more of ADBs member countries, university degree in Law, combined with specialized experience in similar organization/s, may be considered in lieu of a Masters degree, knowledge of public international law is an advantage

At least eight years of relevant legal experience, with particular emphasis on contentious matters, preferably with a focus on employment and/or administrative law litigation, able to work with multi-cultural and multi­disciplinary teams, able to undertake the responsibilities mentioned above at the required level, international experience working in several countries, vocalizes early support for change

Excellent oral and written communication skills in English

Place: Manila, Philippines

Closing Date: 18. May 2017


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