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United Nations Office for Project Services

EOD / C-IED Officer in Support of National Authorities

Being qualified EOD 3+ (Intervention on Improvised Ex-

plosive Devices Disposal-IEDD)/Conventional Ammunition Disposal CMD-1 and 2 is required

At least five years experience in capacity building in NEDEX/C-IEE, at least three years experience in technical assistance to defense and/or security forces in Africa and/or the Middle East, at least two years of proven experience in the field of NEDEX/C-IEE training, proven experience in the field of Research and Operations is an advantage, diploma of Maitrise with five years experience in the field NEDEX/C-EEI is required, license with seven years experience in the field NEDEX/C-EEI, military training equivalent to eleven years of experience in NEDEX/C-EE

Perfect command of French written, read, spoken is compulsory

Place: Bamako, Mali

Closing Date: 18. October 2017


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