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RZB Finance (Jersey) IV Limited

(the “Company”)

EUR 500,000,000 Non-cumulative Subordinated

Perpetual Callable Step-up Fixed to Floating Rate Capital Notes

(the “Securities”)

having the benefit of a support agreement between the Company and Raiffeisen Bank International AG (“RBI”) (as legal successor of Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich Aktiengesellschaft (“RZB”))

ISIN XS0253262025

Common Code 025326202


The Securities were issued as hybrid capital on a consolidated basis originally for the benefit of RZB, which was merged into RBI in March 2017, as a ­result of which RBI became the legal successor of RZB.

The Securities no longer qualify as own funds of RBI pursuant to Article 72 of Regulation (EU) No 575/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 June 2013. Consequently, irrevocable notice is hereby given by the Company to the holders of the Securities that, pursuant to Condition 5. (a) (Redemption at option of the Issuer) and Condition 13. (Notices) of the terms and conditions of the Securities (the “Terms and Conditions”), as described in the prospectus issued by the Company dated 12 May 2006 in respect of the Securities (the “Prospectus”), and having obtained the prior consent of RBI, the Company will, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, redeem on 16 November 2017 all currently outstanding 6,125 Securities in the aggregate principal amount of EUR 306,250,000 in cash at the Liquidation Preference of EUR 50,000 per Security plus accrued and unpaid interest thereon for the ­period from and including 16 August 2017 to (but ­excluding) the day of redemption.

Unless otherwise defined herein, capitalised terms used in this notice have the meaning ascribed thereto in the Prospectus.

RZB Finance (Jersey) IV Limited

13 Castle Street

St. Helier

Jersey JE4 5UT

Channel Islands

11 October 2017 486881


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