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Harald Wegscheidler
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Markus Winkelhofer
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13. Januar 2018

Internationale Jobs

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United Nations Development Programme

Media Consultant (Retainer)

Masters Degree in communications, journalism, writing,

international affairs or similar

Two years of experience in the strategic use of news media and monitoring, proven experience in media relations, communications, journalistic writing and editing, familiarity with media database and monitoring tools, such as Vocus-Cision PR, proficient in using new technologies and web-based platforms, familiar with womens rights issues, familiar with the United Nations, self-starter, organized, able to multitask and balance multiple responsibilities, demonstrates/Safeguards Ethics and Integrity, demonstrates corporate knowledge and sound judgment, self-development, initiative-taking, team player and facilitates team work

Fluent in English, fluent in Spanish and/or French is a plus

Place: New York, USA

Closing Date: 15. March 2018


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