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Harald Wegscheidler
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Markus Winkelhofer
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14. Februar 2018

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World Health Organization

Technical Officer Pandemic Influenza

Advanced university degree (masters level or above) in

medicine, biological science, public health, health science, social science or related field

Minimum seven years of relevant work experience in planning for public health and development, project or programme management, including technical and financial aspects of implementation monitoring, assessment and reporting, at national and international level, including considerable experience in developing countries, experience in high-level or intergovernmental negotiation processes, theoretical and practical knowledge of public health legislations, complemented by experience and in-depth understanding of the PIP Framework and International Health Regulations or IHR (2005), working knowledge of influenza viruses and their use in public health and working knowledge of other important related initiatives or frameworks

Expert knowledge of written and spoken English

Place: Manila, Philippines

Closing Date: 26. February 2018


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