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Harald Wegscheidler
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Markus Winkelhofer
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14. März 2018

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United Nations Children’s Fund


Health Consultant

Have MBBS degree with preferably MPH

At least five years working experience in health-related project, LLP and DEPB with GOB and NGOs, review existing MIS data key variables on maternal, neonatal and child health and feedback provided to counterparts, on the job training to field staff on Adolescent Friendly Health Services, quarterly action plan available to address causes of Adolescent Health data analysis, quar­terly Adolescent district sub-committee meeting held (three meeting minutes available), monthly progress report and action taken based on report: ten report Hands on training on new Adolescent HMIS and report return of other systems, updated online HMIS for maternal and neonatal health indicators, ensure death notification and death review program, well versed in computer programme and well oriented in DHIS2

Fluency in English and very good working knowledge of Bangla

Place: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Closing Date: 27. March 2018


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