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Harald Wegscheidler
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Markus Winkelhofer
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14. März 2018

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United Nations Children’s Fund

Promoting M-Report Social Accountability Instrument

Master degree in Economics, Business Administration,

Social Sciences or other related field

At least two-year work experience with large-scale data collection, managing complex workflows and automating data analysis, in addition, such indicators as work rela­tions, responsibility and communication will be con­sidered during the evaluation of the consultants work, experience working with UN or in multi-sectoral and multi-cultural environment, previous experience with highly customized mobile services with web-based dashboards, concept of integrating to Taza-Koom and Open Government identified, presented and buy-in obtained, M-report is tested as one of the implementation strategies for those tools and recognized through relevant agreements and actions plans, technical and professional compe­tence

Fluency in oral and written English, Russian and Kyrgyz languages

Place: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Closing Date: 23. March 2018


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