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Harald Wegscheidler
+43 (0)1 206 99-261

Markus Winkelhofer
+43 (0)1 206 99-224


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12. September 2018

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United Nations Development Programme

National Consultant

University degree in Human Nutrition/Public Health/Development Studies/Social Welfare/Social Work/Sociology/Anthropology/Statistics/Economics/Public Administration or any other relevant discipline of the Social Sciences

At least two years‘ experience in working in the development sector, in research design, sample surveys, research Methodology, etc., minimum one-year experience in qualitative and quantitative research at UN/GoB Projects, at least one Article/publication in national/international journal, work experience in relevant sector, experience in conducting qualitative project management, implementation, experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative research study, Sample designing & Statistical Analysis, has good knowledge of financial rules and regulations

Fluency in speaking and writing in English

Place: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Closing Date: 24. September 2018


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