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Harald Wegscheidler
+43 (0)1 206 99-261

Markus Winkelhofer
+43 (0)1 206 99-224


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07. Dezember 2018

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The World Bank

Extended Term Consultant

Advanced degree in a relevant discipline (masters or Ph.D.) and at least twelve years of operational experience

Solid understanding of the private sector and refugee matters, ideally, has already demonstrated ability to design private sector interventions in refugee hosting areas, work experience at a development financier, in the private sector and ideally also at a donor, experience with UN-Partnerships, ability and willingness to work in remote and fragile areas, ability to operate with diverse counterparts with tact and diplomacy, ability to deliver in a dynamic environment with multiple demands and quick turnaround of outputs, ability to work under pressure while retaining perspective and professionalism, integrity, tact and discretion

Excellent report writing and communications skills in English

Place: Nairobi, Kenya

Closing Date: 17. January 2019


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