Strategy support/formulation at field level

Provide technical support on extension and training and develop strategy and practical guidance and implementation of enterprise development in agriculture and Natural resource management.

Document and provide information for development of context-specific approaches, tools and activities and their integration into field projects for addressing production, marketing, access to finance, energy access and climate change adaption.

Provide support in integrating natural resource management, environment and climate change to support programming and strategy development in implementation areas including agriculture, livestock and conflict mitigation

Situation review / analysis

Collect and document relevant information for analysis of constraints, drivers and enabling factors which hinder/enhance sustainable production and marketing of agriculture, livestock in NBeG;
Conduct field-level analysis of natural resource-related conflicts, including conflict management and resolution aspects

Intervention technical support

Liaise and coordinate project activities with NGOs, UN agencies and Government institutions, and explore possible synergies and opportunities for joint projects implementation

Carry out timely implementation of approved annual work plan including financial and logistical management, planning and resource allocation;
Provide technical support for the implementation of NRM project related activities at the field-level, including activities related to climate change adaptation, climate resilience, water access and promotion of peacebuilding dialogue processes.

Training and capacity development

Conduct community and partner capacity and training needs assessment for the development of training materials for improved community management of natural resources and extension service delivery;
Provide support and training to NGO and CBOs implementing and participating in the project implementation

Facilitate and supervise trainings in the field

Ensure the quality and standards of the training provided under FAO projects are met;
Project implementation monitoring

In collaboration with Project Manager, Area Coordinator and the M&E Team, monitor the project activities at field level;
Organize and participate in stakeholders meetings, workshops and planning exercises, to develop effective delivery mechanisms on issues related to project he/she is assigned to.

Monitor all partners in the use of appropriate acceptable humanitarian standards and best practices in delivery of food security and livelihood services