In partnership with MOLISA as the key Government of Viet Nam partner, and its Department of Child Affairs as implementing focal point, the project ‚Enhancing National Capacity to Prevent and Reduce Child Labour in Viet Nam‘ has been operational since 2015 by engaging with a wide range of government, social partners and civil society in its implementation. The Project’s overall development objective is to build a comprehensive and efficient multi-stakeholder response for the prevention and reduction of child labour in Viet Nam. Placing capacity building for sustainable solutions at the heart of its interventions, the Project will deliver interventions under three mutually reinforcing components to achieve the following immediate objectives:

Increased capacity of national institutions and stakeholders to identify, monitor and respond to child labour, as part of the promotion of international labour standards.

Raised awareness of child labour, the associated hazards and prohibitions against it among all levels of society.

Implemented and documented direct intervention models for preventing and withdrawing child labour in selected geographical areas and sectors.


To support the implementation of this project, the ILO Office for Viet Nam is hiring a Capacity Building Officer. S/he will be responsible for development and implementation of the project’s capacity building and strategy in consultation with Fundamentals. The incumbent will work in close collaboration with the ILO’s project partners.

Reporting lines:

The incumbent will be based in Hanoi and will report to the Director of the ILO Hanoi Office through the National Project Manager, also based in Hanoi. He/She will consult with the Senior Specialist on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work in the Decent Work Technical Support Team Bangkok and Fundamentals in in Geneva

Description of Duties

Under the guidance of the National Project Manager and with technical inputs from Senior Specialist on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work in Decent Work Technical Support Team Bangkok, Fundamentals in Geneva and other relevant ILO Units:

Conduct training seminars, workshops and meetings with a view to increasing required skills and knowledge.

Provide support to Provincial Coordinators in the implementation of capacity building activities at the local level.

Provide inputs on the results framework of the project, particularly in measuring progress and impact of capacity building efforts.

Brief ILO specialists, project experts, associate experts and visiting officials and provide relevant information on capacity building activities.

Contribute to the preparation of the Project Work plan, timely delivery of activities and Project reports to the ILO, the donor and MOLISA.

Act as focal point within the project on technical support to capacity building to respond to requests from the constituents and other partners.

Represent the ILO in relevant working group and meetings and facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing between organizations.

Document good practices and lessons learnt and how, and present the programme’s experience and good practices at national forums.

Participate, where possible, in government and social partners advocacy meetings and provide, as appropriate, technical advice for the formulation and implementation of national policies and action plans that contribute towards enhancing the national capacity to prevent and reduce child labour in the country;