Reporting Lines

The Consultant reports to the Senior Land and Water Officer-Water Governance/ Management Team Leader, Land and Water Division (CBL).

Technical Focus

Supporting the development, quality control, management and effective implementation of the projects portfolio of the Water Resources Governance/Management Team through the provision of expertise in relevant technical areas.

Tasks and responsibilities

Assess the performance of small scale irrigation; apply dedicated methodologies to evaluate processes; and develop modernization/rehabilitation plans to improve performance

Assist in the appraisal and formulation of irrigation development programmes and project proposals, and in the monitoring and evaluation of ongoing projects, including small scale irrigation systems

Review irrigation and rural infrastructure development reports and related investment proposals prepared by governments, consultants, or other agencies, and advise on modifications which may be required

Advise on the most appropriate technologies for measuring irrigation water and carry out comparative analyses amongst different techniques

Assist in the adaptation and transfer of irrigation technologies and provide technical training aimed at tutoring in the use of tools to enhance irrigation water efficiency, capitalizing in-country previous and current work

Apply and monitor practical tools to enhance crop water productivity under small-scale farming conditions for rain fed and irrigated agriculture and identify changes in crop water management practices needed to improve crop water productivity

Assess irrigation project designs and their BoQs

Formulate technical proposals for the implementation of tools to enhance irrigation water efficiency and water productivity developed by FAO

Contribute to the dissemination of information on irrigation development and management to key stakeholders through the preparation of divisional publications, meetings, workshops, seminars and training courses and by engaging with existing regional and national relevant networks

Perform any other duties as may be assigned.


Minimum Requirements

Advanced university degree in (for consultants) / university degree (only for PSA) in irrigation engineering, agricultural engineering, water resources management or equivalent

Minimum five years of relevant experience in irrigation engineering, agricultural engineering, water resources management.

Working knowledge of English, French or Spanish and limited knowledge of one of the other two or Arabic, Chinese, Russian (for Consultants)/ Working knowledge of English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese or Russian (for PSAs)