Duties and Responsibilities

1) Provides substantive support for the development and implementation of the UNCT data and research strategies

Plans and facilitates the design and implementation of the UNCT’s data and research strategy in alignment with the Country Common Analysis (CCA) and UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF);
Undertakes empirical analysis, data mining and visualization to assist the Resident Coordinator (RC) and UNCT, including results groups, in developing reports and working papers on a range of sustainable development topics;
Collects information on the latest developments of the use of new types of data sources and tools (e.g. big data) for sustainable development;
Provides substantive and analytical support to RC/UNCT in preparing and positioning the UN to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the country, including the drafting of reports, as well as analytical and position papers;
Undertakes research and development of data and research UNCT tools and methodologies at the country level;
Keeps abreast of emerging development issues to optimize UNCT analytical capacity to respond to national priorities;
Contributes substantively to the development and implementation of peer review and quality assurance mechanisms for UNCT research products;
Administers UNINFO and facilitates the development of the One UN Country Results Report.

2) Develops and expands strategic research and data partnerships, including with UN entities at regional and HQ level, government counterparts, research institutes, leading global thinkers on development, and civil society, among others.

Supports the UN’s work with national data and statistical systems, facilitating engagement with national entities and data systems;
Communicates and coordinates with existing partners and helps form new partnerships with UN agencies, academia, the private sector, and governmental agencies to further the use of data science for development;
Communicates and coordinates with internal and external partners on data collection and project/research implementation;
Supports the convening of key thinkers on sustainable development and 2030 Agenda to provide inputs for, advise and steer the UNCT’s research and data agenda;
Assists in strengthening the UNCT’s partnerships with research institutions and similar entities across the UN system through concrete collaboration on areas of the 2030 agenda.

3) Coordinates monitoring and reporting of UNCT results under the UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF)