Functions / Key Results Expected

Under the guidance and supervision of the Programme Coordinator, contribute to and help to coordinate across the Department, programme planning and formulation, performance monitoring, programme assessment (including risk assessment), evaluation and reporting, contributing to ensure programme integrity and coherence and homogeneity of the Major Programme 1 programmes/projects.

He/she also contributes to ensure consistency and coordination between programme elements, including interdepartmental cross-cutting programmes and projects.

Track, analyse and follow the delivery of programme outputs to ensure the inclusion of all programme elements in changing programme structures.

Analyse overall programme delivery and collect data to facilitate not only programme assessment but also reporting on outputs and the achievement of outcomes, assessing performance and risks using relevant indicators.

Contribute to draft status reports and position papers and provide input to the drafting and preparation of documents for the Policy-Making Organs.

Act as Secretary of the Nuclear Energy Department’s DCT for the management of DCT related activities, such as the preparation, implementation and follow-up of DCT meetings.

Support the NE Department in the process for preparation and delivery of publications, including advising the Department management team and scientific / technical staff on publishing preparation issues and and delivering training, coaching, communication and monitoring activities to ensure the sustainability of process.

Collect information and contribute substantially to drafting the NE Strengthening Document, the Nuclear Technology Review and other reports to the governing bodies and other programme documents, handle the corresponding clearance and approval process.

Competencies and Expertise

Core Competencies



Planning and Organizing

Plans and organizes his/her own work in support of achieving the team or Section’s priorities. Takes into account potential changes and proposes contingency plans.


Communicates orally and in writing in a clear, concise and impartial manner. Takes time to listen to and understand the perspectives of others and proposes solutions.

Achieving Results

Takes initiative in defining realistic outputs and clarifying roles, responsibilities and expected results in the context of the Department/Division’s programme. Evaluates his/her results realistically, drawing conclusions from lessons learned.


Actively contributes to achieving team results. Supports team decisions.