Against this backdrop, the ILO will implement a 2-year project to strengthen the protection against unemployment in Indonesia. The project will provide technical assistance to the government and social partners on employment insurance and broader social protection reform, generate a training package for public employment service staff, and create training programmes on digital skills. The project responds to the request of the government and social partners.

The project team will consist of one international Social Protection Technical Officer (P3 - this post), one National Project Officer for Social Protection (NO-B), one National project Officer for Active Labour Market Policies (NO-B), one Communication Officer (NO-A) and one administration and financial assistant (GS-5). Technical specialists will backstop the project. The project will receive overall guidance from the Country Director of the ILO Jakarta office.

Reporting Line

The Technical Officer will work closely with the Employment Specialist of the ILO Jakarta and report to the Director of the ILO Jakarta Office and the Social Security Specialist of the DWT Bangkok and HQ’s Social Protection Department (SOCPRO).

Description of Duties

Plan, coordinate and implement project activities in Indonesia with the Employment Specialist in CO-Jakarta and the Social Protection Specialist of the DWT-Bangkok under the general supervision of the Director of ILO Jakarta, complying with the ILO policies, guidelines, rules and regulations. The duties include conducting consultation meetings with ILO’s tripartite constituents, preparing budget proposals of activities (e.g. workshop), and monitoring execution of budget, as well as drafting terms of reference of contractors and supervising their outputs.

Contribute to social protection reform initiatives of the Government of Indonesia, including the design of employment insurance scheme.

Conduct research and analysis on social protection and provide evidence-based information to the tripartite constituents and support their informed decision-making. Facilitate social dialogue on social protection.

Assess financial, legal and institutional feasibility of implementing the designed employment insurance scheme.

Lead the knowledge management efforts of the project to ensure that research findings, achievements of the project and lessons learnt are made available to a wide variety of constituents, as well as to academics and specialists in other agencies. This could include distribution through ILO websites and other knowledge management tools, technical briefs, web articles, training courses and presentations in meetings.