The incumbent may be required to provide back-up support to WBG Country Offices and Security Specialists in the EAP region as well as other regions.

The duties of the Security Specialist are to provide security support to WBG Country Office management and staff in the following areas: a) security risk management; b) security awareness; c) contingency planning; d) protective operations; e) guard force contract management; f) provide 24-hour on call emergency security support to WBG Country Office and staff.

Roles & Responsibility: Security Risk Management

Develop and maintain Security Risk Assessment’s within the GSDCS specified frequency for the three countries under supervision.

Assist IBRD and IFC Country Office management in developing and overseeing the day-to-day conduct of the office security programs and ensuring preparation of adequate responses to security incidents and natural and man-made disasters.

Provide technical security advice to and coordinate with Corporate Real Estate, in consultation with the Senior Security Specialist, for existing facilities and any potential new offices to include site selection and installation of effective physical and procedural security measures.

Manage the video surveillance, card access and other physical security and fire/life safety systems. Carry out evacuation drills periodically.

Monitor and advise on residential security upgrades for newly acquired and existing residences of international staff.

Provide general residential security advice to all staff.

Provide advice on security arrangements at hotels, restaurants, ministries diplomatic/international organizations and other locations which staff may visit for recreation or business purposes.

Liaise with host government security and law enforcement officials as appropriate and with security advisors for diplomatic/international organizations and private security firms.

Assist staff and visiting missions in reporting incidents (GSDCS, United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS), host government, etc.).

Ensure a viable system is in place to track staff, note arrival/departure/residence changes, and to coordinate with UNDSS and the WBG Security Operations Center.

Manage the Country Office security services contracts to include the procurement process, contract extensions, conducting periodic reviews with guard services contract management, certification of invoices, documentation of non-performance and other issues, modifications of the contract and required reporting and documentation in coordination with Corporate Security (primarily through the World Bank headquarters based GSDCS Security Specialist - Guard Services) and Corporate Procurement.