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WIPO Headquarters, 34, chemin des Colombettes, 1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland (GE020)

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This post is a project post.

1. Organizational Context

Organizational Setting

The post is located in the Enterprise Architecture and ICT ProgramManagement Division, in the Administration %26amp; Management Sector (AMS). The Enterprise Architecture and ICT ProgramManagement Division is the bridge between the ICT Department and WIPO’s otherbusiness sectors. It ensures that the ICT infrastructure and services areresponsive to WIPO’s current and future needs. The Division also providessupport to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for program and budget planning.

Purpose Statement

As part of the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Project, theincumbent is required to deliver the change management, user training, and alignedactivities in regards to the on-going implementation of the Enterprise ContentManagement platform.

Reporting Lines

The incumbent works under the supervision of the Director of theEnterprise Architecture and ICT Program Management Division.

2. Duties and Responsibilities

The incumbent will perform the following principal duties:

a. ChangeManagement:

Creates the business readiness plan, taking intoconsideration IT deployment, data migration, capability deployment (trainingand engagement activities) and any business activities required to integratenew digital processes or jobs into the ‚business as usual’environment. Determines the readiness levels of business users with regard toupcoming changes; uncovers readiness gaps and creates and implements actionplans to close the gaps prior to going live. Assists the user community in theprovision of transition support and change planning, and liaises with theproject team. Monitors and reports progress on business readiness targets,business engagement activity, training design and deployment activities, keyoperational metrics and return to productivity measures. Defines the series andsequence of activities to bring stakeholders to the required level ofcommitment, prior to going live.

b. Trainingand development management:

Determines the training and development programme anddelivery mechanisms needed to grow staff skills in line with business needs forthe Enterprise Content Management Platform. Evaluates learning outcomes.Manages the development and provision of all learning, taking account of thestrategic aims of the ECM project as well as at the organisational level.