S/he assists in the development of national capacities for planning, monitoring and evaluation, with special attention to the interest, concern and participation of government, community, and civil society stakeholders.

Key function, accountabilities and related duties/ tasks

Monitoring, Evaluation& Research Planning

The Country Office and national partners have a well-prioritized and realistic plan of research, monitoring and evaluation activities, developed collaboratively that provides all the relevant and strategic information needed to manage the Country Programme.

Setting Standars for Programme planning

Documentation for the Country Programme including: Country Programme Document, Country Programme Action Plan, Country Programme Management Plan, Annual Work Plans, Programme Documents, Annual Management Plan are prepared in a timely manner as per guidelines.

Nationally led planning processes are strengthened including those at decentralized levels to support the realization of national development goals and international commitments which contribute to improving the situation of children and women and reduce disparities among the most vulnerable populations and ensure that UNICEF country programme and UNDAF development processes respond effectively to these.

Situation Monitoring and Assessment

In coordination with other stakeholders, ensure that a collectively Situation Monitoring and Assessment system owned by all key partners is in place, through which the Country Office and national partners have timely and accurate measurements of change in conditions of children, women and their families; ensure that this information is available to facilitate planning and measure programme impact.

Programme Performance Monitoring

The planning function of the Country Office has quality information collected and disseminated with the participation of all concerned partners to assess progress towards expected annual and multi-year results.


UNICEF-supported evaluations attain established UN quality standards, and the results are disseminated in a timely fashion to stakeholders for improving programme performance and contributing to national and corporate learning. The post will be dedicated one third of its time to this function in line with the UNICEF revised evaluation policy requirement.

Field Monitoring

Guidance and quality assurance will be provided to field visits to monitor programme implementation, as well as coordination of annual programme reviews with government counterparts and other partners. Contribution to identify problems or alternative courses of action to accelerate/improve programme delivery.

M&E Capacity Building

The planning and monitoring capacities of Country Office staff and national partners-government and civil society- enhanced with the contribution of UNICEF knowledge partners meet the expectations and requirements of their positions and responsibilities.