Social Protection Technical Officer, Beirut

Organization: International Labour Organization (ILO)

Country: Lebanon

City: Beirut, Lebanon

Office: ILO in Beirut, Lebanon

Closing date: Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Grade: NOB

Vacancy no.: BEY/DC/2020/09

Publication date: 25 August 2020

Application deadline (midnight local time): 08 September 2020

Job ID: 4050

Department: RO-Arab States/DWT-Beirut

Organization Unit: RO-Arab States/DWT-Beirut

Location: Beirut

Contract type: Fixed Term

Contract duration: 12 Months

Under article

2, paragraph (e) of the Staff Regulations, the filling of vacancies in technical cooperation projects does not fall under Annex I of the Staff Regulations and is made by direct selection by the Director-General.

In order to support the best informed process in the filling of the above-mentioned vacancy by direct selection, the ILO invites interested candidates to submit their application online by the above date.

The following are eligible to apply:

ILO Internal candidates in accordance with paragraphs 31 and 32 of Annex I of the Staff Regulations.

External candidates*

*The recruitment process for National Officer positions is subject to specific local recruitment and eligibility criteria.

Technical cooperation appointments are not expected to lead to a career in the ILO and they do not carry any expectation of renewal or conversion to any other type of appointment in the Organization. A one-year fixed-term contract will be given. Extensions of technical cooperation contracts are subject to various elements including the following: availability of funds, continuing need of the functions and satisfactory conduct and performance.

*Conditions of employment for external candidates: In conformity with existing ILO practice, the appointment of an external candidate will normally be made at the first step of this grade. The entry level salary for this position is LBP 102,079,000.- yearly.


Lebanon does not have a comprehensive or coherent national social protection policy and its social protection system remains fragmented with those employed in the formal economy covered by the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and those in the informal economy reliant on subsidies and hand-outs. Lebanon spends little on Social Assistance for its own population with subsidies crowding out needed expenditure on programmes that could reach the poor. The protracted refugee crisis and adverse economic and fiscal environment is causing increasing strain on the already fragile social assistance system.

As part of efforts to establish a national social protection floor (SPF) in the country, the ILO supports tripartite stakeholders in their efforts to identify reforms required to close social security gaps, reform the (EOI) into an old-age, disability and survivors‘ pension scheme, introduce universal healthcare and an unemplomument insurance scheme and assist in the establishment of a national SPF.

The ILO pursues engagement in these areas through a range of development cooperation projects including: a) A UN Joint Programme on Transforming national dialogue for the establishment and extension of an inclusive national social protection system for Lebanon, which is implemented in partnership with UNICEF, WFP, UN-WOMEN and UNDP; b) the multi-partner programme on ‚Improving prospects for host communities and forcibly displaced persons (PROSPECTS)‘ funded by the Netherlands.

The Social Protection Officer will be based in Beirut and will work under the supervision of the Senior Social Protection Specialist for the ILO office for the Arab States in Beirut, and in coordination with the Social Protection Department in HQ

The incumbent will ensure an effective coordination of ILO support to the ongoing reforms through timely provision of inputs, effective oversight and supervision of external collaborators and implementing partners, timely and efficient delivery of outputs, in conformity with ILO policies, project strategies, programming guidelines and administrative and financial procedures.

Description of Duties

The incumbent will undertake the following tasks:

Ensure effective coordination, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Development Cooperation (DC) project activities in the area of social protection in Lebanon, in conformity with ILO policies and project strategies, and in accordance with ILO programming guidelines, and administrative and financial procedures.

Ensure effective management and timely delivery of funds/budget assigned to the DC project activities in the area of social protection in Lebanon. Ensure that the results of the project at impact, outcome and output levels are achieved through the activities and interventions of the project, they are deemed sustainable, and the results are regularly documented, monitored, evaluated, reported, communicated and used for learning and adjustment of the project. Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the project activities.

Provide technical inputs and policy advisory services and capacity building to the various relevant ministries, social partners, national social security institutions, decentralized authorities, and other relevant institutions and national stakeholders in Lebanon in close collaboration with agencies and development partners, regarding social security and social assistance, in line with international labour standards

Support social dialogue and capacity development processes to ensure active engagement and participation of all relevant stakeholders in the design and implementation of social security and social protection reforms. Oversee the development and implementation of the social security communication and awareness raising campaigns

Identify needed expertise, knowledge and capacity gaps of national partners and main stakeholders and propose appropriate technical action, providing direct technical assistance where appropriate. Identify training needs and lead training workshops and meetings for the tripartite partners, NGOs, other agencies, target groups and staff in Lebanon as appropriate to reinforce the professional capabilities.

Identify pivotal policy issues and contribute to social protection policy developments and the formulation of national plans for the extension of social security to all, in the conceptual framework of Decent Work Programme.

Facilitate exchange of good practices in the area of social protection between Lebanon and other neighbouring countries. Develop knowledge base, including the collection, analysis of trends and developments, assessment, documentation and disseminations of major legislation, statistics and relevant data concerning social security and of the various elements of the national social security and protection system and floors in Lebanon.

Maintain close liaisons with governments, workers‘ and employers‘ organizations, UN organizations, research institutions and non-governmental organizations which are involved in the field of social protection in Lebanon.

Represent the Office at meetings, seminars and evaluations and build and enhance strategic partnerships and networks of government policymakers, other UN agencies and development partners, workers‘ and employers‘ organizations, and civil society organizations in the area of social protection and social security.

Undertake such other tasks and responsibilities as may be assigned by the supervisor.

Required qualifications


Advanced university degree in economics, public law, public administration, social sciences, development studies or a related field.


Three years of professional experience in the in the field of social protection and social policy. Demonstrated experience in supporting social security and/or social protection reforms would be an advantage.


Excellent command of English and Arabic. Knowledge of French would be an advantage.


In addition to the ILO core competencies, this position requires:

Technical competencies:

Ability to provide technical advice and to guide and coordinate the work of external collaborators, general service staff and young professionals in the area of specialization.

Ability to conceptualise and design research techniques and analyse complex cross-national practices and data sets covering a wide range of issues in the specialized technical field.

Ability to formulate new concepts and methodologies and to synthesise research and reach empirically based conclusions on related subjects by understanding both the qualitative and quantitative approaches in social science research.

Ability to draft reports and prepare guidelines relating to programme development and implementation.

Ability to provide technical support to senior specialists, carrying out research, project formulation and implementation.

Ability to participate effectively in technical missions and to provide technical inputs for the ILO Decent Work Agenda.

Excellent analytical skills and knowledge of analytical tools and qualitative and quantitative techniques.

Tags advisory services capacity development collective bargaining displaced persons economic development employers organizations freedom of association good practices international labour standards interpersonal relations monitoring and evaluation non governmental organizations project formulation public administration public law social policy social sciences technical cooperation transparency young professionals

Good computer skills.

Ability to work in a multicultural environment and gender-sensitive behaviour and attitudes are also required.

Proven ability to take ownership of all responsibilities, to act with integrity and transparency by maintaining social, ethical and organisational norms, and to meet all commitments within the prescribed time, cost and quality standards.

Ability to develop training strategies and design training materials.

Ability to formulate project proposals, policy documents and procedural matters.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to write accurate reports and to build networks to obtain cooperation with partners.

Ability to maintain effectiveness when experiencing major changes in work tasks or environment, and to adjust effectively to new work structures, processes, requirements or cultures.

Good knowledge about social, economic development, including labor and employment, trends in the country

Maintains working relationships with all project stakeholders.

Ability to establish and maintain systems within project operations.

Demonstrated ability to manage technical co-operation projects of international organizations.

Ability to understand and effectively work with Government, workers and employers organizations, non-government organizations and UN agencies.

Ability to conduct action oriented research and write analytical technical report in English.

Ability to conduct policy discussion and high-level political processes.

Good communication skills, both written and verbal, to successfully advocate for and mobilize action to promote freedom of association and right to collective bargaining principles.

Clear commitment to mainstream gender into project activities.

Ability to lead and work in a team and good interpersonal relations.

Ability to train and guide personnel.

Ability to work under time pressure and meet deadlines.

Ability to work in diversified environments.

Knowledge of and ability to use computers, including Microsoft Office applications.

Ability to work independently with a minimum of supervision.

Recruitment process

Please note that all candidates must complete an on-line application form. To apply, please visit the ILO Jobs website. The system provides instructions for online application procedures.

Fraud warning

The ILO does not charge any fee at any stage of the recruitment process whether at the application, interview, processing or training stage. Messages originating from a non ILO e-mail account - - should be disregarded. In addition, the ILO does not require or need to know any information relating to the bank account details of applicants.