Extended Term Temporary, Ankara, Turkey

Organization: The World Bank

Country: Turkey

City: Ankara, Turkey

Office: World Bank in Ankara, Turkey

Closing date: Friday, 9 July 2021

E T Temporary

Job #: req12405

Organization: World Bank

Sector: Administration/Office Support

Grade: ET2

Term Duration: 1 year 0 months

Recruitment Type: Local Recruitment

Location: Ankara,Turkey

Required Language(s): English, Turkish

Preferred Language(s): Closing Date: 7/9/2021 (MM/DD/YYYY) at 11:59pm UTC


Working at the World Bank Group provides a unique opportunity for you to help our clients solve their greatest development challenges. The World Bank Group is one of the largest sources of funding and knowledge for developing countries; a unique global partnership of five institutions dedicated to ending extreme poverty, increasing shared prosperity and promoting sustainable development. With 189 member countries and more than 120 offices worldwide, we work with public and private sector partners, investing in groundbreaking projects and using data, research, and technology to develop solutions to the most urgent global challenges. The WBG consists of five specialized institutions: The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), the International Development Association (IDA), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), and the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). The World Bank is organized into seven client-facing Regional Vice-Presidencies, several corporate functions and 14 Global Practices to bring best-in-class knowledge and solutions to regional and country clients.

Visit www.worldbank.org.


The Europe and Central Asia (ECA) region comprises 30 extremely diverse countries, with a population of nearly 500 million people. Three of our clients are IDA only and another 2 are IDA blend countries. The remaining 25 are IBRD eligible. ECA has a strong lending pipeline as well as a large and growing portfolio of Reimbursable Advisory Services. Knowledge is critical to the Bank’s value proposition to client countries in the ECA region in both lending and advisory services.

A predominantly middle-and high-income region, ECA continues to be at the forefront in confronting the numerous challenges as well addressing challenges facing in the evolving global economy. The region is at the vanguard of building regional connectivity while having to manage the changing structure of the labor market. At the same time, digital technologies are changing the nature of work, populations are aging, and large migration flows have generated social tensions that have contributed to increased political polarization. These emerging trends threaten to reverse the region’s achievements in regional integration, poverty reduction and shared prosperity. Many parts of the region continue to struggle with multiple structural weaknesses, including high public debt burdens, tight fiscal space, low investment, lack of contestable markets, and financial sector vulnerabilities.

The ECA region is also one of the most vulnerable to climate change. It has a large potential to strengthen climate change resilience and improve energy efficiency, thereby reducing its contribution to climate change. Other important challenges affecting parts of the region include frozen conflicts and domestic political instability.

In view of these challenges, the ECA regional strategy is to help countries

(i) create Solid Foundations for higher productivity and resilience macroeconomic and financial stability, effective governance and institutions, enabling the environment for the private sector-led growth, and capacity to address global public goods, especially climate change

(ii) build an environment for Productive Individuals to overcome vulnerability and achieve middle-class statusinvesting in maternal and child health, investing in safety nets to protect households during times of adversity, improving labor productivity and labor force participation to achieve higher incomes, fostering inclusion and engaged citizenry for shared prosperity

(iii) Enabling Markets to achieve sustained and inclusive growthsupport private sector growth, promote entrepreneurship, competition and innovation, facilitate access to new markets, foster regional economic integration, and participate in global value chains.


Turkey is one of the largest countries in ECA, with per-capita GDP on the verge of reaching high-income. Solid growth, accelerated by deeper integration with the European Union, helped more than triple GDP per capita and incomes for the bottom 40 percent over 2002-12, with a large decline in poverty and remarkable improvements in health and education outcomes. Following the global financial crisis, demand shocks to the economy, including an attempted coup in mid-2016, prompted the government to stimulate the economy through increased public consumption, credit expansion, minimum wage increases, and incentives to employers. These policies delayed much needed structural reforms and ultimately resulted in overheating, which together with a sharp depreciation of the Turkish lira in the summer of 2018 fueled inflation and threatened some of the economic and social gains of the past two decades. In this context, the influx of 3.6 million refugees from the conflict in Syria further complicates Turkey’s challenges.

Against this background, the World Bank Group’s 2017 Country Partnership Framework, based on a Strategic Country Diagnostic completed in 2016, is formulated around three pillars: sustaining growth, building inclusion, and ensuring sustainability. The IBRD portfolio counts 14 active operations. In addition, IBRD is currently managing EU trust funds benefiting Syrian refugees and Turkish host communities. Turkey in recent years has been among the largest clients of both IFC and MIGA. The CPF runs through the end of FY21 and Program and Learning Review of the CPF (recently sent to the Board) requests a two-year extension and proposes a greater focus on systemic impact through our operational engagements, the pursuit of development impact through ASAs, a deepening of the development approach under the refugees support agenda, increased attention to institutional strengthening in support of the path to IBRD graduation, and a deepening of the Bank’s support to Turkey climate action agenda.

With the onset of the COVID-19 global crisis, the WBG program in Turkey for FY20 and FY21 has been adjusted to support the Government’s pandemic response. In line with the framework of the WBG Approach Paper "Saving Lives, Scaling-up Impact and Getting Back on Track", the WBG COVID-19 response spans the Relief, Restructuring, and Resilient Recovery continuum. The lending and analytical programs initially envisaged in the CPF have been complemented with new lending and ASAs aimed at supporting the COVID response.

In this respect, to support saving lives - the Bank delivered a US$100 million Turkey Emergency COVID-19 Health Project as the key component of the relief phase of COVID response. For the sake of protecting the poor and vulnerable - the Bank provided a $160 million Safer Schooling and Distance Education project which supports equitable access to distance learning and protects human capital. Finally, to contribute saving livelihoods, preserve jobs, and ensure more sustainable business growth and job creation, as part of the resilient recovery phase, the Bank delivered two new operations to the program, namely, Emergency Firm Support Project and Rapid Support for Micro and Small Enterprises during Covid19. Additionally, in order to contribute strengthening policies, institutions and investments for resilient, inclusive, and sustainable growth aftermath of Covid-19 pandemics, the Bank is preparing an analytical product, Pandemic Preparedness ASA, to inform policy makers in Turkey.

The World Bank Office in Ankara is looking for an Extended Term Temporary staff to be a part of the Country Office support team to provide administrative and logistical support to the project teams and assist the teams in processing consultant contracts and travel, processing purchase orders and invoices through the portal.


Country Office in Turkey is looking for a dynamic and highly motivated individual to provide administrative, logistical and operational support. The main functions include but are not limited to the following tasks:

Provide full range of office support work within a project team including managing processes and preparing and monitoring team schedules, organizing interpreters and translators, making hotel and travel reservations.

Support the project teams in proofreading materials, translating short documents.

Assist the project teams in proper data filing, respond to requests requiring data collection and file search.

Assist in preparation and logistical planning for various events, e.g. conferences, workshops, negotiations, etc.

Organization of incoming mission agendas (drafting letters, organization of meetings with the Government, daily support of the mission, etc.)

Provide when necessary, back up support and/or assistance to other ACS colleagues in coordination with the Executive Assistant in order to ensure smooth operation of the office support work.

Selection Criteria

Tags advisory services central asia child health climate change covid data collection distance education economic integration energy efficiency entrepreneurship extreme poverty financial crisis financial stability international finance interpreter investment disputes poverty reduction public debt public goods reconstruction refugees regional integration small enterprises sustainable development sustainable growth syrian refugees translator trust funds value chain

Excellent communication skills in English and Turkish (verbal and written).

Bachelor’s degree.

Proficiency in Microsoft office applications, i.e. Word, Power Point and Excel. Knowledge of advance commands such as Macros in Excel, advance graphic features in Power Point, use of surveying online tools (e.g. Survey monkey), and organizing tools (e.g. Gantt charts) are required. Selected candidate will be required to pass standard Bank Group tests at time of recruitment (English language, MS Office applications).

Superior organizational skills.

Ability to manage a range of diverse concurrent issues.

Ability to perform tasks at the highest quality level.

Ability to interact tactfully and effectively with staff at all levels.

Strong interpersonal and teamwork skills, and ability to work as part of a team in diverse and multi-sector environment.

In addition to the above selection criteria, the following competencies are expected of the successful candidate:

Technology and systems knowledge - Demonstrates advanced knowledge and experience working with Microsoft office applications (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.). Has ability and willingness to maintain up-to-date knowledge and skills as technology.

Project and task management - Exhibits good organizational, problem-solving skills and ability to work competently with minimal supervision. Demonstrates attention to detail and quality. Has ability to manage multiple tasks and complete tasks within agreed schedule.

Institutional policies, processes, and procedures - Demonstrates knowledge of own department’s programs and products, knows key players, understands own role. Displays understanding of WB policies and procedures relevant to the area of assigned responsibilities and can apply/ implement them.

Versatility and adaptability - Demonstrates flexibility and is receptive to the implementation of new solutions. Is willing to stretch own capability. Demonstrates motivation to avail and adapt oneself to effecting change.

Client Orientation - Exhibits positive and professional client service attitude; can understand clients‘ needs and complete them professionally.

Drive for Results - Takes personal ownership and accountability to meet deadlines and achieve agreed-upon results and has the personal organization to do so.

Teamwork (Collaboration) and Inclusion - Collaborates with other team members and contributes productively to the team’s work and output, demonstrating respect for different points of view.

Knowledge, Learning and Communication - Has good knowledge of official unit’s language(s). Able to write clearly, edit and proofread draft communications. Able to learn and share knowledge/information across the unit.

Business Judgment and Analytical Decision Making - Able to manage information and support retention and disposition of information and records. Can search, report, and deliver basic information from various sources and independently respond to basic inquiries.

Note: The selected candidate will be offered a one-year appointment, renewable for an additional one year, at the discretion of the World Bank Group, and subject to a lifetime maximum ET Appointment of two years. If an ET appointment ends before a full year, it is considered as a full year toward the lifetime maximum. Former and current ET staff who have completed all or any portion of their second-year ET appointment are not eligible for future ET appointments.

Poverty has no borders, neither does excellence. We succeed because of our differences and we continuously search for qualified individuals with diverse backgrounds from around the globe.

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