Consultant, Risk Communications, Philippines

Organization: WHO

Country: Philippines


Office: WHO in

Closing date: Thursday, 4 August 2022


Consultant, Risk Communications Individual consultant

Reference: WPRO/2022-07/WHE/178975

Beneficiary countries: Philippines

Registration level: Basic

Published on: 25-Jul-2022

Deadline on: 04-Aug-2022 23:59 (GMT 8.00) Beijing, Perth, Singapore, Hong Kong



Under the Asia Pacific Strategy for Emerging Diseases and Public Health Emergencies (APSED III) - a common strategic framework guiding the joint action of Member States, WHO and partners to strengthen the core capacities required under the International Health Regulations (2005), including risk communication. This consultancy seeks to build upon this foundation, and further strengthen strategic communication capacities in countries so that they are better able to respond to COVID-19 and future emergencies (including future pandemics).

Strategic communication - including risk communication and leadership communication - has been a critical component of the COVID-19 response. Throughout the pandemic, communication has been crucial in encouraging people to follow public health and social measures (PHSMs). Through multisource listening on public perceptions, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours, WHO and our Member States can use data to support communication strategies that are tailored to meet community needs. This includes making informed decisions based on evidence to address challenges and issues faced by communities.

Part of the Strategic Communication Pillar under the COVID-19 IMST, Listening and Evidence Sub-pillar has the overarching objective of strengthening the use of multisource listening, behavioural and social sciences, and measurement, evaluation and learning (MEL) as part of operationalizing the Communications for Health (C4H) approach as part of the For the Future vision. The sub-pillar maintains and builds capacity for multisource listening systems, using a variety of tools such as online social listening (digital listening) and both quantitative and qualitative surveys to triangulate data to understand what communities are thinking, feeling and doing during COVID-19 and beyond. This consultancy will contribute to supporting the operation of not only the sub-pillar, but also the broader communications team and WHE team as we transition to a sustained management of COVID-19 and beyond. This includes maintaining multisource listening capacity at regional and country levels to monitor and track health topics beyond COVID-19.


This consultancy will support the Listening and Evidence Sub-Pillar under the Strategic Communications Pillar of the COVID-19 Incident Management Support Team (IMST) with social listening, and monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) activities.


Under the supervision of the COVID-19 IMST strategic communication pillar lead and COVID-19 IMST Listening and Evidence Sub-Pillar Lead and the management of the Incident Manager, the consultant will be responsible for delivering the following: Output 1: Support the operation of multisource social listening systems to collect insights at the regional level to inform the emergency response efforts: Deliverable 1.1: Maintain and improve the regional digital listening tool including providing regularly updates to the dashboard and reporting as needed to monitor and evaluate online community sentiment (e.g. search queries, relevant keywords etc) to meet regional and country needs.

Deliverable 1.2: Provide statistical groundwork for the analysis of the findings of multisource social listening system including regional surveys; support streamlining, triangulation, and visualization of insights including for MEL.

Deliverable 1.3: Contribute to the regular reporting of the digital listening insights at the regional level, including related to misinformation and disinformation as part of infodemic management.

Output 2: Support digital listening activities in countries across the Region: Deliverable 2.1: Provide support and contribute to building capacity at the regional and country levels for listening and use of the digital listening tool. This includes acting as the focal point for CO communication focal points to organize capacity building activities.

Deliverable 2.2: Support the organization of country support in data utilization and social listening capacity building, as well as among the regional teams, and help documenting the process and results.

Deliverable 2.3: Support ad-hoc requests from countries

Output 3: Support monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) of the Strategic Communication Pillar’s response to emergencies. Ensure this is used to facilitate learning and inform the strengthening of communications at country and regional levels.

Deliverable 3.1: Support the Strategic Communications Pillar to gather inputs for the Regional Strategic Communications MEL framework, the COVID-19 Regional Action Plan (RAP) and internal COVID-19 MEL framework.

Deliverable 3.2: Gather data and support tracking and reporting of key findings to the Pillar and other IMST pillars.

Deliverable 3.3: Contribute to the lessons learned sessions for communications based on MEL indicators collected.

Output 4: Perform other tasks as required.

Other Deliverables:

Progress report (monthly); and

End of Mission Technical Report at the end of consultancy



Essential: University degree in Health Sciences, Public Health, Social Science, Communications, Journalism, or a related field


Essential: Minimum of 2 years of experience in communications and/or data collection, analysis and presentation including experience of emergency communications and response. Experience of working within the UN system or with UN partners is preferred.


Knowledge and skills in risk communication

Excellent communications and writing skills

Excellent analytical, planning and organizational skills

Attention to detail

Ability to work in a team with limited supervision

Ability to work under pressure


Proficient in written and spoken English.




Producing results

Respecting and promoting individual and cultural differences

Ensuring the effective use of resources

Knowing and managing yourself


The ideal candidate will be working remotely for the duration of the consultancy.

Duration of contract is for 6 months (15 August 2022-31 December 2022)


Qualified and interested specialists should submit their CV to the Supply Officer through WP RO UNGM at > by 4 August 2022

Expression of Interest {cover letter} that indicates: how their experience and qualifications make them a suitable candidate for this position, and availability to commence the work.

Curriculum vitae.

Please use Tender Notice No. 178975 as subject to all submission. Only successful candidates will be contacted.

Thu Ha Le -


First name: Thu Ha

Surname: Le


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85100000 - Comprehensive health services

85101700 - Health administration services

85101701 - Health policy

85101702 - Health legislation or regulations

85101703 - Health service planning

85101705 - Public health administration

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