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Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

Evaluation Officer, Vienna

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  • Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

he majority of positions in OSCE field operations are filled by secondment, which means that individuals are nominated by their respective OSCE participating State. In addition, a limited number of seconded positions are available at the OSCE Secretariat and the institutions.

OSCE Secretariat

Vacancy number: VNSECS01211

Field of expertise: Auditing / Internal Oversight

Number of posts: 1

Duty station: Vienna

Date of entry on duty: 21 February 2017

Date of issue: 23 January 2017

Deadline for application : Open until filled


This position is open for secondment only and participating States are kindly reminded that all costs in relation to assignment at the Secretariat must be borne by their authorities.

Candidates should, prior to applying, verify with their respective nominating authority to which extent financial remuneration and/or benefit packages will be offered.

Seconded staff members in the OSCE Secretariat and Institutions are not entitled to a Board and Lodging Allowance payable by the Organization.

The Office of Internal Oversight (OIO) is responsible for planning, organizing and carrying out internal audits, investigations, and independent evaluations of the Organization’s activities including field operations in order to determine the adequacy of governance, risk management, and internal control, to ensure compliance with the regulatory framework, and to enhance performance, efficiency and effectiveness of operations. The evaluation section of OIO further contributes to organizational learning and helps to ensure the quality and relevance of the OSCE’s work.

Tasks and Responsibilities

The Evaluation Officer applies professional evaluation standards to prepare, conduct and manage evaluations, and provides technical and research support for evaluations, as required. The incumbent will contribute to all phases of the evaluation processes, including the design of evaluations, data collection, analysis of financial and narrative information, and the supervision of consultants. He/she will keep abreast of the latest developments in evaluation methodology and practices, provide expert support to working and reference groups in specific evaluations, and help drive knowledge generation and management within the Office of Internal Oversight and beyond.

Specifically, the Evaluation Officer

Manages and conducts evaluations as requested, including developing the terms of reference for, and overseeing delivery by consultants;
Identifies and collects data necessary for specific evaluation activities and carries out systematic research and compares, contrasts and synthesizes complex data and other information in order to identify themes and findings as well as uses findings for writing of evidence-based evaluation reports;
Supports the logistics and co-ordination of field visits and works with the analytical inputs of other specialists in the area of evaluation, and prepares and executes surveys as requested;
Applies professional evaluation standards to independently validate financial and narrative information;
Participates in and provides expert support to reference groups; and supports identification and dissemination of lessons learned and best practices from evaluations;
Proactively gathers and disseminates information regarding developments in evaluation methodology and practice; identifies opportunities to improve evaluation metrics and methodologies;
Provides inputs to OIO’s annual report and other reports produced by OIO, including checking accuracy and compliance with the OSCE style guide;
Performs other related duties and assignments as required.

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