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United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

UNCTAD Internship, New York Office (three positions) in International Relations

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  • United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

UNCTAD Internship, New York Office (three positions) in International Relations, New York

Organization: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

Country: United States

City: New York, USA

Office: UNCTAD New York

Grade: I-1

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Posting Title: UNCTAD INTERNSHIP IN THE NEW YORK OFFICE- (3 Positions) in International Relations, I (Temporary Job Opening)


Department/ Office: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

Duty Station: NEW YORK

Posting Period: 28 September 2017-13 October 2017

Job Opening number: 17-ECO-UNCTAD-86417-J-NEW YORK (O)

Staffing Exercise ID: N/A

United Nations Core Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Respect for Diversity

Special Notice

Applicants are encouraged to apply for internships which relate directly to their studies and/or skills and expertise. Applicants are asked to please indicate preferences which best match his/her suitability and do so carefully in order to enhance the value of the internship for both the intern and the receiving UN department.

A person who is the child or sibling of a staff member shall not be eligible to apply for an internship at the United Nations. An applicant who bears to a staff member any other family relationship may be engaged as an intern, provided that he or she shall not be assigned to the same work unit of the staff member nor placed under the direct or indirect supervision of the staff member. For purposes of this instruction, ‚child‘ means (i) the child of a staff member; (ii) the child of the spouse of a staff member (stepchild); and (iii) the spouse of achild of a staff member or a staff member’s spouse (son- or daughter-in-law).‘Sibling‘ includes the child of both or either parent of a staff member and the child.

Organizational Setting and Reporting

This profile is for the sole purpose of the Internship Programme of the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development in New York. There should be no expectation of employment within the United Nations after an internship. Interns shall not be eligible to apply for, or be appointed to, positions at the professional level and above carrying international recruitment status in the Secretariat for a period of six months following the end of their internship. UN interns must have a valid visa.

The three positions are located in the Office of the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in New York. The Internship Programme is unpaid and full-time, i.e. an intern is expected to work five days per week (9.00 am to 5.00 pm).

The period of these internship positions will be of four months with starting dates possible between early January 2018 to early February 2018.


Carrying out his/her tasks under the supervision of a senior staff member, the intern will perform the following functions:

Monitor and provide summaries of relevant UN meetings of the General Assembly, ECOSOC and other.

Support activities with UN institutions, among others: ECOSOC Secretariat, DESA, OHRLLS.

Assist in the preparation of UNCTAD’s briefings and meetings.

Provide support to UNCTAD staff on mission to New York by organizing meetings with representatives of Member States, UN Departments and Agencies and other stakeholders as necessary.

Update and improving information contained in the NYO databases and performing Internet-based research and information cataloguing related to the work of UNCTAD.

Assist with the maintenance of NYO’s electronic communications dispatched regularly to all stakeholders, including UNCTAD communications and outreach products.

Prepare inputs for staff members of the NYO participating in intergovernmental processes.

Contribute to social media outreach strategy.

Undertake other tasks as necessary.

More generally, interns shall: 1. Observe all applicable rules, regulations, instructions, procedures and directives of the Organization notwithstanding their status as described in section 4 of the UN Internship Programme Administrative Instructions ST/AI/2000/9 & ST/AI/2005/11.2. Provide the receiving departments/offices with a copy of all materials prepared by them during the internship. The UN shall be entitled to all property rights, including but not limited to patents, copyrights and trademarks, with regard to material which bears a direct relation to or is made in consequence of, the services provided under the internship. At the request of the UN, the interns shall assist in securing such property rights and transferring them to the UN in compliance with the requirements of the applicable law.3. Respect the impartiality and independence required of the UN and of the receiving department/office and shall not seek or accept instructions regarding the services performed under the internship agreement from any Government or from any authority external to the UN.4. Unless otherwise authorized by the appropriate official in the receiving department/office, they may not communicate at any time to the media or to any institution, person, Government or any other external source any information which has become known to them by reason of their association with the UN or the receiving department/office, that they know or ought to have known has not been made public. They may not use any such information without the written authorization of the appropriate official, and such information may never be used for personal gain. These obligations also apply after the end of the internship with the UN; and5. Refrain from any conduct that would adversely reflect on the UN or on the receiving department/office and will not engage in any activity which is incompatible with the aims and objectives of the UN.

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