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United Nations Children's Fund

New Consultancy - Governance and Reporting Specialist, End Violence Against Children, New York

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  • United Nations Children’s Fund

Closing date: Thursday, 26 July 2018

Job no: 514514

Position type: Consultancy

Location: United States

Division/Equivalent: UNITED HOSTED FUNDS



Categories: Communication / External Relations, Knowledge Management, Consultancy


Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children

Background & Rationale

Every year, over 1 billion children experience violence.Violence in childhood undermines all other investments in children; in their health, education and development, often with negative lifelong consequences and inter-generational impact.

Recognizing the devastating impacts of violence against children, in 2015 world leaders committed to end all forms of violence, abuse and neglect by 2030, as part of the Sustainable Development Goals. In July 2016, the UN Secretary-General launched the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children and an associated Fund.

The Partnership includes governments, UN agencies, international organizations, civil society, faith groups, the private sector, philanthropic foundations, research practitioners, academics and children themselves - uniting their voices, actions and resources in a unique public-private collaboration focused solely on ending violence against all children.

In its first two years, the Partnership has: enrolled 21 governments as ‚Pathfinder‘ countries; grown its membership to over 270 organizations; helped develop and promote the INSPIRE solutions to end violence; awarded $30 million in grants to tackle online child sexual abuse, and violence against children in conflict and crises; and galvanized those working to end violence, including through an inaugural End Violence Solutions Summit.

Building on this initial progress, the Partnership Secretariat is evolving its strategy, operational approach and business model, to better support the collective impact of the Partnership and lay the foundations for systemic change at scale.

Heading into the scale-up phase, the Secretariat will: raise awareness and grow demand for change; make a compelling investment case and mobilize new resources for everyone working to end violence against children; and get the solutions, expertise and resources to all those working to end violence.


The Governance and Reporting Specialist will work directly with the Executive Director and Deputy Director to support the effective functioning and strategic impact of the End Violence Board and Executive Committee, and the provision of timely, high quality reporting to donors to the End Violence Secretariat.

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