National Consultant for Project Monitoring and Research-A2i, Dhaka

Organization: UNDP - United Nations Development Programme

Country: Bangladesh

City: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Office: UNDP Dhaka

Closing date: Monday, 24 September 2018

National Consultant for Project Monitoring and Research-A2i

Location : Dhaka, BANGLADESH

Application Deadline : 24-Sep-18 (Midnight New York, USA)

Type of Contract : Individual Contract

Post Level : National Consultant

Languages Required : Expected Duration of Assignment : 220 Days over a period of 11 months


A fundamental government responsibility is providing information and services aimed at improving the social and economic welfare of its citizens. During the first phase of the Access to Information (a2i) Programme, fundamental progress was made in improving access to public services through electronic means. However, it is critical to expand the breadth and width of such simplified services and improve the service delivery model to counter the impact of empower the concentrated RMG workers by establishing One-Stop Digital Service Centres‘ which will create access to necessary public and private services, including financial services.

The objective of the 2nd phase of the project is to increase transparency, improve governance, and reduce the time, difficulty and costs of obtaining government services for under-served communities of Bangladesh. This is to be achieved by the following 5 components of the project: Component 1: Strengthening existing e-services and launching a second generation of integrated, interoperable e-government applications; (e-Service)

Component 2: Sensitizing government officials, training for service providers and expanding digital literacy among the general public; (Capacity and Awareness)

Component 3: Forging strong policy and strategy links to ensure implementation of needed legal and regulatory changes in support of the project; (Enabling Environment) and

Component 4: Promoting innovation in the delivery of e-services. (Innovation)

Component 5: Establishing linkage with public and private sectors and creating awareness among the citizens.

Access to Information (a2i) Programme - II is looking to recruit 02 (Two) National Consultant (Project Monitoring & Research) who will be responsible to monitor the selected digital centres under the piloting project on ‚Basic Nutrition Message Dissemination through UDC‘. Further evaluation and develop project’s reports based on the indicators of selected UDCs; conducted by the Digital Access team of a2i. The incumbent will contribute to the better visualization of the findings and disseminating the results and findings to the wider stakeholders.