Do you expect limits in the future? Has our dependence on Social Media become irreversible?

The very presence of social media platforms in our world, is a symptom of that world, which we can analyse in order to learn something about that world. How much we regulate them will depend on how healthy and effective our democracies are. I believe very much that regulation to protect ordinary citizens from capital’s ruthless desire to exploit our unhappiness and insecurity for profit are an important part of what democracy should entail, just as capital’s exploitation of our hunger and need for shelter are, or should be, regulated. But that battle will never be over.

On the other hand: Facebook is just an app.

Facebook is not "just an app." It is a platform, website, and series of products designed to attract and then sell our attention to advertisers, and to extract as much information as possible about us in the process, in order to know who will pay the most for that attention. The cynical intention of Facebook, Instagram (post 2012 acquisition), and Facebook Messenger’s design is to arouse our emotions as much as possible, because they know that emotion means import, and import means attention and a central position in the lives of users.

Facebook want "friendship" to be synonymous with Facebook "friend" status, but what they don’t say is that they also want break-ups and falling-out to be Facebook-mediated as well. They want to be your whole life, so that they can run targeted advertising in your whole life, even if you are lying wide awake at four in the morning with anxiety. As long as your response to this situation is to reach for your smartphone and begin scrolling, they (and their shareholders) will be happy.