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Christof Bitschi takes over Vorarlberger FPÖ yyyy

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he 27-year-old will be the new state party chairman and top candidate for the upcoming state election.

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Dornbirn. The 27-year-old member of parliament, Christof Bitschi, will become the new state party chief of the FPÖ Vorarlberg and will also lead the freedom people to the top of the Vorarlberg state election 2019. That was announced outgoing chairman Reinhard Bösch together with Bitschi on Friday in a press conference in Dornbirn. Bitschi announced that it wanted to make a "bold, creative policy".

Bitschi was unanimously voiced the confidence of the party committees, the handover of Bösch to Bitschi will take place at a congress on June 8 in Nenzing (district Bludenz). The designated party leader admitted that after the request of the party he had to "think a little longer" about his decision. But now everything has been clarified and he is looking forward to his future task, which he will tackle with "a lot of passion, a lot of dedication and a good deal of common sense".

Bitschi is a "future announcement"

The 27-year-old expressed his conviction for himself and his party "that we have the right approaches to the important issues". The black and green government of Vorarlberg was too busy with finding the lowest common denominator and think too little about the future. The FPÖ, on the other hand, will use all its energy to implement their thinking. Together with club chairman Daniel Allgäuer - the club chairman remains - you will increase the pace in national politics in the near future significantly. Bitschi announced that the Vorarlberg libertarians will present their positions and ideas "in the coming weeks and months".

Yet-chairman Bösch, the former party leader Dieter Egger and Allgäu sprinkled Bitschi in their statements roses. Bitschi is a "future announcement" and a politician of the new ways. Allgäuer underscored Bitschi's work in the Landtag Club, to which he has been a member since 2014 and in which he sets particular accents in the areas of security and integration. Egger ordered the 27-year-old to bring all the prerequisites for a successful political leader. "He is a talent, can think in a network, is close to the people and brings along the youthful freshness that the country urgently needs," he stated.

Former chairman of the Freedom Youth Vorarlberg

For their part, Allgäuer, Egger and Bitschi thanked Bösch, who in the two years of his senior team had forged ahead and achieved the goal of personal renewal of the party. Bitschi also promised that the FPÖ Vorarlberg would continue to be "not a one-man show" in the future. Rather, from the previous triple tip Bösch-Allgäuer-Egger now "a four-leaf clover".

Bitschi, born April 11, 1991, is from Brand in the district of Bludenz and since 2017 has been working as managing director in the parental transport company. He also teaches construction and environmental engineering. In 2013, Bitschi took over the chairmanship of the Freedom Youth in Vorarlberg, since 2014 he sits as a Member of Parliament, since 2015, also in the municipal council of Brand. Since 2016 he is one of the deputies of Reinhard Bösch in the FPÖ state party.