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Gratz dies at 76

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  • Former mayor with eventful career retired 17 years ago.
  • Vienna. Leopold Gratz (SPÖ) died at the age of 76 in the hospital Rudolfsstiftung early on Thursday, doctors told the media. No more information was given out at the request of his relatives. They argued that Gratz had retired from politics 17 years ago.

Still, he will be remembered as minister of education (1970-1971), foreign minister (1984-1986) first president of the Nationalrat (1986-1989) and first and foremost as mayor of Vienna (1973-1984).

Gratz ended his career in politics - for "personal reasons" - after being acquitted of abuse of position and endangering neutrality in the so-called "Causa Noricum". The affair involved illegal weapon exports from Austria during the first Gulf war.

Members of the government as well as the opposition called Gratz a "great Austrian" and a "servant to the republic".


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