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The Tiroler Landestheater will be the backdrop to the première of Jochen Ulrich’s latest ballet Casanova on Saturday evening

Casanova in Tyrol

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Productions which include originality and high levels of professionalism are usually a safe bet to watch, especially at the Landestheater in Tyrol.

Head of Ballet Jochen Ulrich will bring his own creation to the stage on Saturday with the première of Casanova, a ballet with music by Peter Kubik, costumes by Bjanka Uruslov and a stage designed by Alfio Giuffrida.

Creator and choreographer Ulrich wants to portray the Venetian Giovanni Giacomo Casanova, Chevalier de Seingalt, not only as the famous womaniser he was but also the more complex facets of his personality.

Featuring intoxication, celebrations, frivolities and rough and tumble fights the ballet depicts the sense of desire awakened in all who cross the path of Casanova. The dance ensemble of the Landestheater featuring 17 soloists, offers a new look at a traditional tale.



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