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The Credit Protection Association has said that everything possible is being done to prevent the subsidiary companies from being affected by the collapse of the parent company

YLine reports liabilities of ATS 300 million

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Austrian software company YLine is facing liabilities of ATS 300 million, according to Alexander Klikovits of the Credit Protection Association (KSV), and is expected to file for bankruptcy with the Commercial Court in Vienna within the next few days.

According to Klikovits, the software company employs a total of 230 workers, 45 of whom belong to the parent company and are now threatened by redundancy. The KSV has stated that the main reason for the failure of the company was the total collapse of the agreement made with computer giant IBM.

The main endeavour for the KSV is to keep the subsidiary companies away from the problems facing the parent company in Vienna and keep them solvent.



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