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The Vienna software company has delayed the publication until 17 September to allow for some still open evaluations to be completed and due to the outstanding controversy with IBM

YLine postpones publication of second quarter results

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The Vienna-based software manufacturer YLine has announced it has postponed the publication of its second quarter report due to incomplete evaluations and the outstanding controversy with computer giant IBM. The report will now be published on 17 September.

The dispute between YLine and IBM continues as the Vienna software company recently announced it was suing the computer giant for breach of contract and using its dominant market position unfairly. YLine is claiming ATS 578 million in damages after IBM stated that the company was not a partner of IBM, merely a supplier.

At the moment IBM owes YLine around Euro 14 million for services rendered which should have been paid on 17 May 2001 but according to YLine the amount is still outstanding.



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