The Alte Galerie in Graz - the Joanneum - will exhibit a collection of ´Bozetti´ - the small designs and pre-workings for sculptures - from Guido Dessauer from 14 September. Consisting of approximately 70 pieces, the Kleine Ekstasen exhibition also comprises works from the Styrian Baroque sculptor Philipp Jakob Straub.

Bozetti are the small and preliminary sketches made before the actual work on the sculpture itself begins. Many Bozetti feature comments made by the artist or sculptor and were always the work of the master, while the pupils were responsible for the actual work on the sculpture.

Kleine Ekstasen features original Bozettis by Duquesnoy, Falconet, Houdon, Canova and Rusconi, all of whom are recognised as Baroque masters.

Kleine Ekstasen - Barocke Meisterwerke aus der Sammlung Dessauer in the Alten Galerie des Landesmuseums Joanneum. Opening on 14 September. Exhibition open from Tuesday until Sunday from 10am until 5pm. (LEL)