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The process of decision-making is not yet final so the prize will not be given during the up-coming Arnold Schoenberg Festival but at a later date yet to be decided

Difficult decisions force later awarding of Arnold Schoenberg Prize

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This year´s Arnold Schoenberg Prize will not be awarded as the highlight of the up coming festival celebrating the life and music of the composer as was originally planned.

According to the Arnold Schoenberg centre in Vienna, the decision making process is not yet final and as such the award will now be handed over at a later date.

An impartial jury awards the prize which is a co-operative venture between the Arnold Schoenberg Centre, Deutschland Radio and the Berlin Symphony Orchestra (DBSO).

This year the jury includes Kent Nagano, Thomas Schmidt-Ott, Mathias Straessner, Dieter Rexroth, Christian Meyer and Christoph Lieben-Seutter.

The prize carries with it a purse of ATS 350,000 and the winner becomes ´Composer in Residence´ of the DBSO and has the opportunity to hold lectures in Vienna and Berlin.


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