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Sturm Graz midfielder Markus Schopp scored twice against Monaco in an impressive win which will strengthen his team´s hopes of reaching the second phase of the Champions League

Sturm Graz beats Monaco 2-0

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Sturm Graz won 2-0 against Monaco on Tuesday night in their Champions League group D match - strengthening their hopes of reaching the second phase of the competition.

The victory in Graz came three weeks after the Austrian team were beaten 5-0 by Monaco, who have now lost three of their four matches.

Sturm coach Ivica Osim said: "We deserved to win. I´m glad it went well as I fielded five players who were not fully fit and that was a bit risky."

One of those was team captain and Austrian international striker Ivica Vastic, who played impressively on Tuesday after being sidelined for 11 weeks following knee and ankle injuries sustained in a Champions League qualifier.

Markus Schopp missed a chance in the 11th minute - while Hannes Reinmayr, Tomislav Kocijan and Vastic also saw first-half efforts go wide. The goal finally came in the 40th minute when Schopp took advantage of an error by Monaco goalkeeper Stephane Porato and scored from close range.

Schopp scored again with a header in the 88th minute after a cross from Kocijan - but he will miss Sturm´s match against Rangers next week after being booked for a foul shortly before the break - his third yellow card of the competition. "I tried to avoid fouls but that is not possible in certain circumstances," he said. "I think the team is strong enough to be successful in the next match without me." Osim said: "I don´t know what we are going to do without Schopp against Rangers."

The results table for group D is as follows:

1. Galatasaray 4 2 1 1 6:7 7 2. Glasgow Rangers 4 2 1 1 8:3 7 3. Sturm Graz 4 2 0 2 5:10 6 4. AS Monaco 4 1 0 3 7:6 3 Previous matches: Rangers - Sturm 5:0, Galatasaray - Monaco 3:2, Sturm - Galatasaray 3:0, Monaco - Rangers 0:1, Monaco - Sturm 5:0, Galatasaray - Rangers 3:2 Next matches:: (25.10.): Sturm - Glasgow, Monaco - Galatasaray


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