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"MC Hammer is probably enough"

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Von JM Stim

  • The global social media phenomenon that is Nein.Quarterly, aka Eric Jarosinski, on jokes, the life of a "failed intellectual", and his upcoming column in the German weekly newspaper "Die Zeit".

New York. Eric Jarosinski has come a long way since writing his first tweets two years ago. His account, "@NeinQuarterly. A Compendium of Utopian Negation", has since attracted over 52,000 followers around the world. Jarosinki’s recipe for success: Providing a seemingly endless flow of "aphorisms on the German language, philosophy, literature, social media, depression, anxiety, and love", as he describes his work.

Having been called an "Internet Star" by the "L.A. Times" and praised by the likes of the "Wall Street Journal", Jarosinski has quickly amassed a loyal fan base that transcends borders and continents.

Currently working as an assistant professor teaching modern German literature, culture and critical theory at the University of Pennsylvania, the Wisconsin native is about to put his academic career on hiatus in order to embark upon a new career as "an aphorist, #failedintellectual, and cultural critic at large" and will soon launch his long-anticipated blog www.neinquarterly.com.

This week, Jarosinski’s work will be put to the test for the first time in an established print media outlet, as the German weekly newspaper "Die Zeit" will start to publish a "Nein.Quarterly" column on its opinion page.

Wiener Zeitung: This week your column in the German weekly newspaper "Die Zeit" is going to be published for the first time. Are you nervous about the reaction to NQ in print?

Eric Jarosinski: I think "Die Zeit" and I both see the column as an experiment, because it’s hard to say how NQ will translate into print. The editors have given me tremendous freedom, however, so it's a great opportunity to try out some new things. And, yes, I'm nervous. As always. But that's just how I am.

When we first met, your follower count stood at about 39,000. Since then you've added another 13,000 followers and been extensively covered by media in Europe and the US. How are you dealing with the buzz?

Honestly, it doesn't feel like much has changed. It’s important to remember that "Twitter-famous" is not "famous-famous", which is fine with me.

You’re working as an assistant professor of German at the University of Pennsylvania. What do your students think of your Twitter exploits?

Few of them know about NQ, and I rarely talk about it. As I see it, writing jokes is one thing; teaching is another.

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