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Roman military camp sites found

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Von By Lisa Chapman

  • Scientists say discovery will rewrite history.
  • Minister Hahn praises achievement.
  • Lutzmannsburg. Three Roman military camp sites have been unearthed by archaeologists in Burgenland who say their finds will rewrite the history of the Romans in Austria.

Stefan Groh, the leader of the Austrian Archeological Institute (ÖAI) team that discovered the sites, said yesterday that the three camp sites near Strebersdorf in Burgenlands Lutzmannsburg municipality were along the old amber road, the main Roman trading road in the region.

Groh said the objects found at the sites, which cover an area of two hectares, would lead to new understanding of the function of the Roman army. He added: "Our work in this area last year and this year means that the history of the Roman presence in this region and in Austria will have to be rewritten."

ÖVP Science Minister Johannes Hahn said: "Austrian archaeology is following an outstanding path. This find will only enhance the international reputation of Austrian archaeologists."

Groh said archaeologists used geo-radar and geo-magnetics, which can locate objects up to 70 centimetres below the surface of the ground, as well as the traditional method of digging to locate the sites.

Groh is also the leader of the amber-road archaeological project in which colleagues from Hungary, Slovakia, and Slovenia are also participating.

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