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Gloria Steinem attacks John McCain's war record

Hillary Clinton: Last exit Ohio?

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Von Gerald Jatzek / WZ Online

  • Democrat Hillary Clinton faces two crucial showdowns with presidential rival Barack Obama in Ohio and Texas on Tuesday. Analysts say that Clinton has to win both primaries to keep her chances of winning the nomination intact. Or, as her longtime strategist James Carville puts it, if she fails in either state, "this thing is done."

Bill Clinton, speaking at a Texas rally, made clear this is a now-or-never-situation: "If she wins Texas and Ohio I think she will be the nominee. If you don't deliver for her, I don't think she can be. It's all on you."

Barack Obama who seems to be confident of victory said, "If we do well in Texas and Ohio, I think the math is such where it's going to be hard for her to win the nomination. And they'll have to make a decision about how much longer they want to pursue it."

Steinem: POW not a qualification

Meanwhile Gloria Steinem, one of Hillary Clinton's best-known supporters and a feminist idol, questioned the relevance of McCain's ordeal as a prisoner of war (POW). "This is supposed to be a qualification to be president? I don't think so," the New York Observer quoted Steinem who took part in a discussion in Texas.

(Sources: CNN, Reuters, The New York Observer)


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