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In Bed with Facebook Author Marcus Gilroy-Ware about the impact of social media on our lives.
Bild zu "The West mustn't become hysterical"
"The West mustn't become hysterical"

Daniel Treisman, one of the leading US experts on Russian politics and economics, speaks about U.S.-Russian relations.

"Americans are not good with humor"

US author Matt Taibbi on Donald Trump's first year as president, the limits of free speech and accusations of being...

Zaid al-Hussein
Warning against populists and demagogues in Europe and U.S.

Full transcript of the speech

Bild zu "We’re fortunate I’m a multi-billionaire"
"We’re fortunate I’m a multi-billionaire"

Dale Peck, editor of the revived "Evergreen Review" talks about managing expectations, money and what he expects...

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