• 21. September 2018

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Der Autor war Chefredakteur der "International Herald Tribune". Seine Kolumne erscheint auch in der "Washington Post".


Kein Sieg, keine Niederlage3

  • Ein Blick auf die neue Afghanistan-Strategie der USA, nach einem Gespräch mit dem Kommandanten der US-Streitkräfte in Kabul.

Kann die neue Afghanistan-Strategie von US-Präsident Donald Trump die Dynamik des längsten und frustrierendsten Kriegs der USA ändern? Haben die US-Kommandanten jetzt wirklich eine bessere Erfolgschance als vor 16 Jahren, zu Beginn des Konflikts? Diese Fragen habe ich am Dienstag (telefonisch) General John "Mick" Nicholson Jr... weiter

Der Autor war Chefredakteur der "International Herald Tribune". Seine Kolumne erscheint auch in der "Washington Post".


Arbeit an Friedensabkommen2

  • Die US-Regierung erörtert Verhandlungen mit Nordkorea und eine persönliche Begegnung zwischen Trump und Kim.

Nach wochenlanger kriegerischer Rhetorik hat Nordkorea am Dienstag eine Pause angedeutet. Aber womit ist beim quecksilbrigen Kim Jong-un als Nächstes zu rechnen? US-Regierungsbeamte erörtern die Möglichkeit direkter Gespräche zwischen Nordkorea und den USA über ein offizielles Abkommen, um die Waffenstillstandsvereinbarung von 1953... weiter

Attacks on satellites

The next big threat: War in space

Washington - Among the memorabilia in Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein's office is a fragment of the Wright brothers' first airplane. But the most intriguing items may be two small plastic satellites on sticks that can be maneuvered to simulate a dogfight in space. Space is now a potential battle zone, Goldfein explains in an interview... weiter

America first

Trump is selling snake oil to the Rust Belt

Washington - Donald Trump boasts that his "America First" trade and economic policies are bringing well-paid manufacturing jobs back to America. That's probably his biggest "deliverable" to Trump voters. But is this claim true? Trump won the presidency partly because he voiced the anger of American workers about lost jobs and stagnant wages... weiter

Arab Barometer

The Arab Spring, six years later

Washington - The Arab Spring may seem like a distant memory, but a new report by a team of Arab and American analysts argues that across the Middle East people still feel the same yearning for better governance and rule of law that motivated protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square... weiter

Brief aus den USA

Stephen Bannon's dangerous populist revolution

Washington - At the red-hot center of President Trump's first 10 days in office has been his strategist Stephen Bannon, who proclaims a global populist movement for "Judeo-Christian" values and against radical Islam.Bannon is a passionate ideologue who is the intellectual center of the new administration... weiter

West Bank

What does Israel want from America?

Tel Aviv, Israel - President Donald Trump's embrace of Israel poses an unlikely dilemma for leaders of the Jewish state: They have to decide what they want from America, and on that question, there's sharp disagreement. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu moved to seize the Trump moment Tuesday by announcing that Israel plans to construct 2... weiter

National Security

Keep the CIA on the path to 'modernization'

Washington - CIA Director John Brennan's biggest concern the past few years hasn't been Russian hacking, or even the wars in the Middle East, but what he calls "modernization" of the agency. In an effort to improve performance of this notoriously siloed organization... weiter

Donald Trump

The country needs to know the extent of Russian meddling1

Washington - The intelligence community's allegation that Russia intervened covertly in the 2016 election describes a significant assault on our democracy. The country needs to know more: The charge needs to be followed up with an independent investigation that continues after Donald Trump becomes president on Jan. 20... weiter

National Security

Gates offers words of wisdom for Trump presidency

Washington - Bob Gates has worked in senior national-security positions for the last five presidents, Republican and Democratic. So it's noteworthy - and to me, encouraging - that he is advising President-elect Donald Trump, too. Gates, a former defense secretary, CIA director and deputy national security adviser... weiter

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