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Wiener Zeitung ltd. is owned since its separation from the "Österreichische Staatsdruckerei" (the national printing company) in the year 1998 by the Republic of Austria, represented by the federal chancellery (Editor).

Wiener Zeitung is a full-value daily newspaper located in the prime segment of the Austrian newspaper market. Subsidiaries out of the digital business segment as well as other traditional publishing-fields complete the range.

1703 First founding under the name "Wiennerisches Diarium"

1780 Renamed in "Wiener Zeitung"

1998 Second founding and separation from "Oesterreichische Staatsdruckerei" to Wiener Zeitung Ltd. (100 % owned by the Federal Republic of Austria) represented by the Federal Chancellor (Editor)

2011 Daily newspaper in the segment the quality newspapers, Online-Solutions, E-Government-Services

CEO: Martin Fleischhacker

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