Wiener Zeitung is the official media organisation and publication of the Republic of Austria. Boasting a 316-year history, Wiener Zeitung is today a legally secured publication which delivers:
•    Announcements on economics and finance
•    Innovative digital concepts and products
•    Information on legal and civil service matters
•    High quality journalism

- ©Wiener Zeitung/Moritz Ziegler
©Wiener Zeitung/Moritz Ziegler

It is a corporation with legal status as a limited company, and is acknowledged by the Federal Chancellery as being under the sole ownership of the Republic of Austria.

CEO: Martin Fleischhacker, MSc
Editor in Chief: Dr. Walter Hämmerle

The newspaper
•    Wiener Zeitung is a non-party political, multimedia newspaper. It sees itself as an authorial newspaper which covers and represents all different walks of life.
•    As a publication which remains under the ownership of the Republic,  Wiener Zeitung is committed to the principles of the rule of law as set out in the Austrian Federal Constitution. In particular, it holds a strong commitment to parliamentary democracy and diversity of opinion, as well as to European integration.
•    It maintains the highest standards of reporting, and is committed to safeguarding fairness and equality across its relationships to all parties and social partners.
•    Its editors act independently and free of any outside influence from individuals, political parties, companies, institutions, public institutions, lobbies and interest groups as well as from religious and ideologically oriented groups.

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