Wiener Zeitung  is the  Official Publisher of the Austrian Republic
The VerlautbarungsG "Federal Act on pronouncements in the Wiener Zeitung" (Federal Law Gazette No. 201/1985 as amended by Federal Law Gazette I No. 100/2003) stipulates that in the Wiener Zeitung all announcements are announced, for the provided in legislation a public announcement is, except when special proclamation leaves are set for public release of a certain kind.

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Provisions regarding mandatory publications in the Wiener Zeitung or in the Official Gazette of Wiener Zeitung can be found in nearly 200 federal regulations.

A Unique Concept

Under the umbrella of the Wiener Zeitung GmbH (Holding), there are already, in addition to the Wiener Zeitung and the Official Journal itself, a number of other publications- and online service-offerings.

  • Thus, the Wiener Zeitung GmbH plays a central role in the field of information provision of the Covenant.
  • The Wiener Zeitung GmbH is to assume this task field in terms of qualified and civil service-oriented information preparation for the Republic of Austria as far as possible.